Feb 7, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Taurus Curve

Taurus has come up with an innovative pistol in .380 ACP that is designed for conceal carry to fit the curve of the body in concealment – the Taurus Curve model. Featured at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it has a smooth curved grip-frame that gives it a space-age look and features an integrated LaserLyte LED Light and Laser combination system built in. It resembles the pistol models found in the Mass Effect futuristic role-playing game, for those familiar with the EA-Origin game series. 
There are no traditional sights to keep the pistol snag free. Female shooters and conceal carriers like it because it fits in a purse or belt-bag without snagging. It has a small footprint of 5.18 inches, a chamber loaded indicator and the Taurus Security System. The trigger is protected and the holster-free belt clip allows conceal carry folks to do away with a holster. The capacity is 6+1.
The pistol redefines conceal carry.
The MSRP is $392.
Taurus also featured at the 2015 SHOT Show the Taurus 24-Hour Judge Survival Kit

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