Aug 13, 2014

Taurus First 24-Hour Survival Kit

Taurus has come up with what they call the First 24 Judge Kit as part of items required in the first 24 hours of a disaster and survival situation.
It contains the following:
The M40 Wilderness Survival Store has a kit that adds more useful items. Both do not come with a canteen or similar water container, water filtration, or emergency food packets.
Usually, the best survival kit is one put together yourself ensuring that everything required is included. A small ax and/or machete would be useful, as well as a compact repair kit or at least a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool.
I prefer survival necessities to be incorporated within a combat vest rather than a hard case. Easier to carry and a fanny pack and/or backpack can be added, kept within a vehicle or in home along with an AR-15 configured rifle and/or semi-auto shotgun.
MSRP for kit is $1,449 for the kit pictured above. Kit with survival blanket in video is $1399 (MSRP).

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