Aug 27, 2014

Weird Science: True Stories - Trivia

Kidney Transplants: Modern medicine and surgical techniques have made kidney transplant surgery a success. What many do not know is that during the kidney transplant procedure, the non-working kidney is usually not removed – unless leaving it there would cause problems. Instead, the doctors will place the new kidney in your pelvis and then redirect the arteries and veins to that kidney. 

Raining Diamonds: On Saturn and Jupiter, diamonds rains down towards the surface, like a hailstorm. If one was to harvest those diamonds, they would have to be retrieved in the atmosphere because most of them never reach ground solidified.
Not part of this subject material, thought I would pass on this commercial for Pot-Pouri - I would like to have a picture of my face when I first saw this commercial ...
I still can't believe the tongue-in-cheek humor and the unheard of subject material that made this product sell like never before. The actress has a British accent, but she is an American model/actress.

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