Aug 23, 2014

Constitution of the United States IS the Law of the Land

States may make their own laws according to their own situations, circumstances and popular policies; however their laws cannot EVER supercede or counter against the articles and amendments of the US Constitution ...

NRA is five million member strong. It is an organization that insists that the Second Amendment be exercised, along with the other amendments and articles of the US Constitution. It is an organization that promotes responsible firearm ownership, sponsors safety and efficiency instruction and training classes ...
Read the NRA released documents where citizens can be placed on "terrorist watch" with no appeal and places those on the list in the background check system not allowing them to own firearms.
Despite constant gun control policies against private ownership, gang crime and violence has increased, where criminals have the guns and lawful citizens are not allowed. Because of programs like "Fast-N-Furious" and lack of border security, the drug cartel has infiltrated cities of the United States - and the increase in crime and violence reflects that federal fiasco. Support the NRA.

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