Aug 23, 2014

Anti-Gun Activists Proven Wrong Again

States that have adopted concealed carry policies and states, like Mississippi, that do not require a permit for open carry have defied the predictions of doomsday gun controlling morons.
According to a report in the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger, one year after it became lawful to open carry, there have been no “Wild West” gun fights. Mississippi lawmakers that amended the state's definition of a concealed firearm by enacting House Bill 2 in 2013.
Gun control activists filed a motion to stop the law from going into effect, succeeding to get a Circuit Court judge to put a temporary halt in enacting the bill. The Mississippi Supreme Court dismissed the petition and backed the new law – unanimously.
Anti-gun advocates had argued that:
Allowing the open carrying of deadly weapons could cause the escalation of disagreements between citizens and could lead to increased incidents of violence with deadly weapons in the State of Mississippi. When firearms are openly carried by untrained individuals, it is less likely that these individuals will properly retain control of their weapons. Therefore, others are able to easily disarm carriers in order to use the weapon against innocent bystanders.
Rep. Andy Gibson stated:
A year later, we don't have the wild, wild West.
Anti-firearm activists and politicians continually reinforce the position of the NRA and firearm organizations who advocate firearm safety and responsibility; and continue to use fear tactics like they do to stand by their global warming theories instead of facts and common-sense truth.

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