Aug 24, 2014

New Army Combat Uniform (ACU) in 2014-2015

The US Army is changing its ACU camouflage pattern this year that is supposed to offer better concealment for soldiers. The combat uniform will be used in all combatant commands, including Afghanistan. Existing camouflage pattern uniforms and equipment will not be replaced until they wear out.

The pattern was developed by the US Army with the name Scorpion W2, replacing the Universal Camouflage Pattern. The new pattern is similar to the MultiCam pattern that became standard issue in Afghanistan in 2010. Army Combat Uniforms with the new pattern will go on sale next summer.
Current ACU
According to a Stars and Stripes report:
Tests showed that from 25 yards to 50 yards, the camouflage pattern is critical for blending into the environment. … Soldiers who tested the MultiCam in Afghanistan — the pattern which is reportedly similar to the Scorpion design — gave the uniform high marks, according to the Army.
Scorpion 2 ACU
The name of the uniform will remain the same, Army Combat Uniform (ACU), just the camouflage pattern will be different, lower leg pockets will be closed by a button instead of the hook-and-loop fabric fastener, and the insert pockets for knee pads and elbow pads will be removed. As the photo shows, it is a similar Multi-Cam pattern used by NATO troops, like the UK. The pocket fasteners are being changed because combat soldiers complained it made too much noise when opened.
Soldiers will have about three years to make the uniform transition and receive more than $1300 for clothing allowance in order to procure sets of the new uniform. The shirt and pants will cost $45 each, and the cap will cost $8.
The following video was made by a soldier to demonstrate the standard gear for the modern battlefield ...
 The following is a Green Mountain Ranger video ...

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