Aug 1, 2014

US Foreign Policy Requires the Rebirth of Common Sense and Fortitude

The truth about the continual conflict between Israel and Hamas is that the Hamas, like other neighboring Islamic fascist states believe that Israel does not have the right to exist. The sickness of US foreign policy is evident when the United States funds and supports those who agree with that statement. The Hamas, like others (Iran) do not want peace, they want global conquest – Jihad to occur. So when John Kerry orchestrates yet another ceasefire and not honoring commitment to Israel, an ally – it shows why he was not popular nor elected in his presidential campaign election. 
The UK Telegraph has depicted the Gaza events as “complicated”. It is because for too long our Joseph Stalin who committed genocide against his own people and previously sided with Hitler in a pact to carve up Europe. The Cold War was caused by not letting the Soviet Union in 1945 that they would not occupy any region beyond their Russian border, allowing them to divide Germany.
foreign policy has been hypocritical and not based upon common sense – starting with the 1940s when we allied with
The United States, for decades, has funneled funds to other nations, but as our national debt approaches dangerous levels, who is going to bail us out? No one. In fact, too many will be scrabbling for the pieces as the chessboard falls by the way. Democrats and RINOs appear to have a policy of self-destruction and it is because they hold loyalty and importance to their political factions over constitutional law and common sense policies. It is fellow citizens that require their utmost efforts and loyalty – not political clubs. It is one of the reasons why George Washington and others were against forming political factions in the early years of our constitutional republic. The fix, true reformation, is going to take fortitude and patience because of the long, slow progress towards progressive socialism. Our leadership sides with "lesser evils" that turn out to be part of the overall problem.
What's wrong with America? People like Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Holder, Pelosi, Boehner, Feinstein, McCain, et cetera. Voters who use the media bias to determine who they should vote for and vote for those who insist that government control of our lives will make life better. Voters who do not hold those they elect accountable – and reelect those who do not deserve to hold office as an animal control officer, much less a congressional member or president.
If Americans want to see what made America “great” return to the forefront and see true reformation, we must first self-educate ourselves and be more critical and demanding of those we choose to side with when it comes to the world of politics.
We need leadership that uses the foundation of constitutional law as their foundation of policies and actions; and common sense and no compromise when it comes to the interests of the United States and true foreign allies in foreign affairs.
There is no right nor left, no "us" or "them" - just constitutional law and common sense.

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