Aug 31, 2014

Ferguson Missouri: The Civil Mess Continues

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that …
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Ferguson, Missouri has been a media target for national mainstream news agencies and commentators. One thing that is evident, people in Ferguson never bothered to wait for a hearing to determine if the shooting of Michael Brown was justified or not. Those that carried signs and walked the area in that police district had the right to protest – peaceably.
However, there is a mentality that it is okay for “minorities”, and justified, to loot and destroy local business establishments. Ironically, one of those business establishments was where Michael Brown committed strong-arm robbery, not just shoplifting, before he was confronted on the street by a police officer who ended up shooting him multiple times. The protestors and some of the “reporters” failed to recognize that Brown was not the “gentle giant” that his family and locals made him out to be. Indeed, the video was not allowed to be released by uncertain authorities, allegedly coming from the infamous office of the US Attorney General, Eric Holder.
Paul Jacob pointed out in his article that “educated” individuals from universities, etc., have declared that such actions are justified and “normal”.
Martin Luther King was arrested several times during his career to achieve civil rights, but his message was always that it must be enacted in terms of non-violence; indeed his actions were acts of civil disobedience to racist laws and regulations. His message reached more people on both sides of the racial divide than any other actions since. I am sure if he were alive today he would thoroughly chastise the inexcusable violence and criminal actions of those in Ferguson.
Dr. King's resolute non-violent method was what brought about the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s and a move toward ending the racial prejudice that lasted 100 years after the end of slavery. Integration and harmony was the message of Martin Luther King.
Those that participated in looting and property destruction used the excuse of the alleged unlawful shooting of Michael Brown as an excuse to steal. Plain and simple.
Among the protestors that were assembling peacefully in protest, at least two of them stood guard outside businesses to protect them from the criminal action of those using the moment to justify theft and destruction - Christopher Scott and Mauricelm-LeiMillere.
Looking at it all from a common sense and objective manner, looting and destroying property in one's neighborhood (sources state that criminals/gangs from other neighborhoods were primarily the culprits) over a civil situation between law enforcement and the people is beyond comprehension.
Those condoning such actions, like Amari Sneferu, in nearby St. Louis, would sing a different tune if the property belonged to them. He was quoted stating:
The looters, the robbers, the chanters, the nonviolent protests, the sign-making … all of it has value because it wouldn't be international if it wasn't for the looters.
Another despicable thing about the Ferguson incident is that political prostitutes, like the mainstream media, are using this for their own purpose. The police officer that shot Brown has a right to a fair trial like everyone else; but not enough waited to see if justice was administered. It was immediately a white on black incident, the black instantly deemed the victim before a grand jury deciding.
During all this violence, tempers have flared from the populace as well as law enforcement trying to maintain peace and prevent criminal actions in the name of protests. Three officers have resigned last week for their obscene or virile remarks. One officer was suspended for pointing his rifle and threatening protesters according to NBC News. The video of the incident has gone viral on YouTube.
Not enough reports in the media condemns the violent and criminal actions of who blame the entire police force of Ferguson for the actions (justified or not) of one police officer. Now how in the world is that social/civil justice?
It has been three weeks since the incident between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown.
CNN  reports a different story than what protestors claim, where “gentle” Brown was not so gentle, defying and attacking police after he just left a store he robbed; unbeknownst to Officer Wilson who told Brown and friend to get out of the middle of the street and quit blocking traffic.
Allegedly, Brown was shot during a physical struggle over the officer's gun inside the police car. A witness claims a different story.
This would have been solved immediately if the officer had a video on the scene capturing of what was taking place. A special prosecutor will be scheduled for the case.
One thing for sure – the incident is a serious mess -even from an objective stand point.

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