Aug 27, 2014

US Security and Foreign Policy Needs Serious Reformation

Our national leader signs agreements and provides support with those who hate the United States, enemies against Israel and all Christians across the world. Meanwhile, our leadership chastise Israel for defending itself, despite trying to reach peaceful means to stop conflict with Palestine and other Muslim nations. Compromise has been one sided. Our commander-in-chief is clueless about leadership beyond a "community organizer" and bends to Islamic Jihadists thinking that giving in to global bullies will bring peace.
“Wild Bill” provides a perfect example of why We the People and our leadership should stand with Israel and make NO compromise (or deals with terrorists) to nations that demand tolerance, but gives none; pretends to want peace, but whose actions prove otherwise. …
Americans stand with Israel, but those elected to lead our country do not, despite trying to make people think they do …

Patriot Nurse provides resources to read or watch to understand the Israel/Palestine situation …

And, Bill Whittle points out that our military is trained and expected to defend our nation, but they are not allowed to defend themselves in their own country – what's wrong with that picture? The executive branch has decided that the Second Amendment does not apply to the men and women serving in the military.
America requires a true reformation, on the foundation of how the Founders intended because no other system works, as history proves and too many have forgotten.
Meanwhile, America is under attack and being invaded and our president and his comrades welcome them.

Alex Jones says that the Democrats have been planning this overrun of our border for 5 years. ...

And the economic crisis that Obama states does not exist or is getting better?
Ron Paul has been warning us for years - but not enough people listened.
Keep in touch with your congressional members and ensure that they are performing their jobs - if not, ensure they do not keep their office, which too many do not abide by their oaths of office. Both sides of the political aisle need a thorough sweeping.
Kurt Schlicter wrote The Key to a Lasting Middle East Peace is Total Victory, siding with allies against a common enemy.  Sanctions, diplomacy, peace talks and ceasefires fail against an enemy whose goal is world domination and anything resembling liberty and freedom. Our leadership needs to forget "nation building" and destroy the enemy until they are no longer a threat to anyone.
In the 1930s, the US underestimated the Soviet Union and ignored its crimes against humanity, and despite Stalin's pact with Hitler (which Hitler did not honor), our leadership decided that Hitler was more evil than Stalin - so the infiltration of socialism/communism that began and a Senator from Wisconsin became the subject of ridicule because he sought to expose corruption and communist infiltration within the very framework of federal government.
 The Cold War ended and the Soviet Union once again became Russia and today the Russian president was a former KGB officer. Take a moment to watch this Bill Whittle Firewall video ...
 When are we going to learn from our historical mistakes. The Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact trained and sponsored personnel from various Soviet friendly nations in the art of insurgent and terrorist warfare during the Cold War, the beginning of the resulting effects became evident towards the end of the Cold War in late 70s and 1980s escalating to what it is today. The results of those terrorist training camps is also affecting Russia. Islamic Jihadists have learned from the murderous despots of history - Hitler, Stalin and Mao; yet Russia allows a former KGB officer to become their leader, which despite "elections" seems to be a position for life. Yasar Arafat kept a copy of Mein Kampf in his personal library and had respected Hitler's anti-semitism since the 1940s. Arafat who had been a part of terrorist organizations in his lifetime was given a Noble Peace prize, a testament that the United Nations should be dissolved, at least the US should be denouncing its hypocrisy and corruption. 
Michael Bloomberg uses his money to take away your freedoms and liberties ... Truth about his agenda against Second Amendment in coalition with other socialists who are mayors and other people that are elected by people in various states. Bloomberg believes he has the right to govern other citizens' lives and knows better than you how to live it.

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