Aug 6, 2014

Disinterested President and Congressional Concerns

Obama gave a speech and “town hall” broadcast on Hispanic TV networks concerning his illegal executive order that countered the vote of his DREAM Act …
That already stretched my administrative capacity very far. At a certain point, the reason that the deportations are taking place is Congress said you have to enforce these laws. … I cannot ignore those laws anymore than I can ignore any of the other laws on the books.
This coming from a former law professor who taught constitutional law; ignoring what he was supposed to teach.
Keith Koffler at White House Dossier:
Well, circumstances have changed. There’s not going to be any immigration reform this year, and maybe not next year or the one after. And so it’s time to throw the old principles out the window and get some new ones better suited to the prevailing political climate.
Obama is set to circumvent another law he doesn’t like, changing things around so that companies can no longer evade high U.S. corporate taxes by “inverting” – moving their headquarters overseas.
Big Government advocates require that new taxes or raising those in place are required to match exorbitant spending, instead of proper budgeting – required by Congress in a proposed amendment by the Constitutional Convention still waiting for the House Speaker (Boehner) to act upon.
Jack Lew, Treasury Department, stated that the United States is losing tax revenue by American business moving overseas. For example, GM, who received a substantial bailout and screwed employees out of their retirement funding moved to China soon after bailout. One of the key negative campaigns against Romney in 2012 was the false alarm that Republicans encourage movement of US business overseas.
Big government causes businesses to decide to make such moves because the US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Our southern border is so dangerous and porous because government leadership regards illegal immigrants as potential voters – disregarding national security and common sense foreign policy when it comes to dealing with the corrupt Mexican government who complains about our immigration laws while holding an American in their jail for an attempt to travel through their country with a hunting rifle and shotgun – who also sought permission at the US-Mexican border.
Obama administrative solution for US business moving overseas will be a quick action to tax those corporations whether they are in US or not.
According to Daniel Doherty, a poll suggests that 41% Americans believe that Obama doesn't want to be President of the United States anymore. When a foreign crisis ensues, he attends fundraisers and plays golf. It is not the idea that a president does not need relaxation time, but when it is as frequent as this president does and timed to coincide a crisis that demands leadership's full attention being the main concern. It was Fox News that conducted a survey that shows many Americans believe that Obama has become disinterested and tired of political life. According to Doherty …
...almost 50 percent of Independents and more than one-third of Democrats believe President Obama has essentially thrown in the towel.
A divided Congress for another two years would discourage any president, however, Obama and his comrades have caused such a lame-duck position.
Meanwhile, Tea Party Patriots are requesting that the People continue ringing the phones off the hook at the White House and Capitol Hill over the immigration “reform” legislation.
Congress is in recess, so the idea is to prevent Obama signing another executive order that will justify millions of illegal immigrants from being put into the system through the back door.
Thomas Massie (R-KY), US Representative, discusses in the following YouTube/CATO video regarding federal regulation of marijuana, reassertion of 2nd Amendment in Washington DC and the NSA … Note Massie stance on the border issue - putting politics ahead of national security and safety of the American citizens. Compromising Republicans who call themselves "moderate" are part of the problem.
"Moderate" compromising Republicans may find themselves no longer congressional members.
The following CATO video concerns Obamacare ...

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