Aug 29, 2014

Terrible Tragedy: Nine-Year-Old Accidently Shoots Range Instructor

Tragic news from Arizona
A range instructor was accidentally killed by his nine-year-old student. He was teaching her to shoot an Uzi submachinegun, not a weapon for a nine-year-old and/or first-time shooter. 
She lost control when the selective was set for auto and a bullet in the head killed 39-year-old Charles Vacca.
Stories like this are presented in national news, but never the myriad of stories where personally owned firearms save lives.
This is a case of bad judgment on the part of the range instructor and the parents. Unfortunately, Mr. Vacca paid with his life for his mistake, causing an experience that no nine-year-old should experience.
There is nothing wrong with teaching children how to operate and handle firearms safely and fire them proficiently on a range – but an automatic weapon for a first-time shooter who is nine years old? For children, range instructors provide lower recoil semiautomatic weapons like .22-caliber, good for first-time shooters.
This incident does not require more gun control, but certainly is a hard lesson that on the range or wherever you are using a firearm – safety and common sense must prevail.
Thoughts and prayers for Mr. Vacca and his family; as well as the poor girl who is now probably permanently traumatized. Something a nine-year-old girl should not have to live with.
Video released by Mohave County Sheriff ... 
Please use common sense and tried-and-proven safety measures!

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