Aug 1, 2014

A Special Thanks to Fellow Americans

We the People have made the necessary outcry concerning amnesty for illegal aliens and US border security. Your phone calls made to your congressional members paid off and House Speaker John Boehner has shelved it because there were not enough votes.
However, with congressional elections in August, GOP House members will meet again Friday to see if they can agree on a revised version of the bill that did not pass for a floor vote because it did not:
  • Stop the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border.
  • Stop the possible executive order to declare amnesty for another 5 to 6 million illegals.
  • Repeal amnesty for illegal immigration who arrived as minors, granted under Obama's executive order called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  • Close the border.
It was the constituents, the voters who have had enough with the disintegration and eventual destruction of our constitutional republic, that made the difference as Americans flooded the phone lines leaving their messages of discontent. It is not just a constitutional crisis, but a serious national security issue.
Another hallmark win occurred here in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker has been vindicated in his efforts to curb union power in the state. Hopefully something that can be a model for other state governments to follow. It is time to take the power of politics away from a private entity who has a parasitic stranglehold upon government and one of the major reasons why government costs so much, as well as bloated bureaucracy. Union power must be taken out of federal government, instead reasonable employee contracts established by Congress, thus not requiring unions. Citizens should not be told they cannot work if they do not support a union.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld Walker's collective bargaining reforms enacted in 2011, ruling them constitutional. The vote was 5-2. The law required that government employees contribute more toward their health insurance and pension costs (matching the rest of the population), barred automatic withdrawals from members' paychecks and requires annual elections to see if members want their unions to continue. It triggered a mass of protests from democratic-socialists with money from unions out of state who tried to oust Governor Scott Walker with a 2012 recall election – that failed, much to the relief of sensible Wisconsin voters. It helped greatly in the campaign promise of Scott Walker to reduce cost of government and the state government debt and also encouraging business in Wisconsin to flourish with less regulation and taxation.
These important events could not have happened without We the People and a testament towards a government For the People and By the People.
Thanks to all and their efforts.
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