Aug 10, 2014

How Much Barbarism Before Waging War Against Evil?

  There are no words that can describe the horror that has taken place in the name of a religion whose doctrine mandates hatred and violence in the name of God. There should be a special place in the afterlife for those who commit atrocities against the innocence of childhood. Children are a blessing to any nation who must be nurtured and guided to become responsible adults to continue civilization, freedom and liberty preserved. I cannot fathom the recent acts of genocide and atrocities that have been reported in world-wide media of that which has occurred in Iraq. Civilized people should tolerate actions where children die from dehydration because of cruelty beyond imagination.

President George W. Bush said after 9/11: “ We are not at war with Islam”.
President Barack H. Obama said repeatedly during two terms: “We are not at war with Islam”.
Are they trying to convince us or themselves in such delusional statements?
The president that claimed victory over Islamic terrorists with the death of Osama bin Laden announced that the al Qaeda have been officially defanged. That same president recently made a joke about the Islamic State (ISIS) was compared to a junior varsity team.
It is disheartening that our leadership (and leaders of other nations) do not learn from historical events and ignore the reality of the world around them. The nation of Russia, formerly the Soviet Union (USSR), has become a victim of terrorists – a nation that once trained foreign nationals in the fine art of terrorism and communist insurgency in the name of spreading socialism and communism worldwide.
Imperial Japan in the 1940s was a difficult foe to beat because of its interconnection of religion with society, politics, and the military. It took the devastation of two cities with the newly invented atomic bomb for the Imperial Japanese to finally surrender. That end play of war was marked by the decimation of the Imperial Japanese religion that made the emperor of Japan a Sun God and death in his service being a glorious end with promise of reward in the afterlife.
The problem in the Middle and Near East is because the intolerance, cruelty and fanaticism of Islam continues without internal reformation (like what happened to the Christian Roman Catholic Church) – welcoming technology and modern advances, but operating on medieval principles and ideology with the same determination of global domination perceived when armies of Islam sparked the Crusades lasting for more than a century threatening at the doorstep of Europe.
Today, while tactics and weaponry are far different, the reality and threat of Islamic Jihad is no different than the conquerors that carried the banner of Islam on horseback.
The reassurance of not being at war with Islam is repeatedly stated, but the question from the People should be: Why are we not at war against Islam?
Islamic religious/state leadership openly announce war with Western Civilization and anyone not a Muslim; but our leadership does not recognize that we have been at war with Islam since September 11, 2011.
That same leadership that refuses to be realistic, allowed our military to be asleep at the wheel, even when indications of a Muslim US Army officer of being torn between siding with Islam or the military branch and US President he wore an oath to. The result was a massacre on a military base in Texas that President Obama declared was a “work place violence” incident. That stated when reports showed that the army officer was in contact with Islamic subversives and had a loyalty issue to the United States.
President Bush stated that we are fighting an enemy without a flag or country; but the Islamic flag is flown over areas of destruction ranging from black to green in color and all having the Islamic holy symbols. True it is not a specific nation we are at war with, but even Nazi Germany had satellite states that utilized other national forces under the banner of fascism.
Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews, just using a different descriptive name; yet Islamic leadership insists upon a doctrine to exterminate Judeo-Christian society. They want the caliphate and Sharia Law to replace the freedom and liberties of other nations.
It is true what Edmund Burke said about evil only triumphing when good men do nothing; but what national leadership is doing here and abroad is constantly using, as Albert Einstein pointed out, the same failed solutions and expecting different results. Sanctions and diplomacy does not work against religious fanatics. Early prevention of disease makes survival more assured and it takes an army to defeat an army, not just periodic pinpoint attacks.
At one point of the presidency of George Bush, he stated that those that do not stand with us are against us. However, that is not US policy, thanks to an inept president and delusional congress.
David Yerusalmi, head of the Society of Americans for National Existence was thought to be radical when he suggested that the United States mandate the following policies:
  • It shall be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support, the adherence to Islam.
  • The Congress of the United States of America shall declare the US at war with the Muslim Nation or Umma.
  • The President of the United States of America shall immediately declare that all non-US citizen Muslims are Alien Enemies under Chapter 3 of Title 50 of the US Code and shall be subject to immediate deportation.
  • No Muslim shall be granted an entry visa into the United States of America.
Turkey is more than just a physical bridge between East and West, it is a conduit of Muslim and Judeo-Christian societies. It has been a valued ally since the Korean War and an active member of NATO. It is a republic, reformed from Islamic caliphate and tyranny, thanks to their first president that was instrumental in reforming Turkey, outlawing Sharia Law and fanaticism. But even that stalwart ally is suffering from problems with internal strife because pro-Sharia subversion has infiltrated its ranks of leadership. The answer to Islamic nations is to reform itself like Turkey did in the early 20th century - or perish. Christians are NOT persecuted in Turkey and neither are Jews, in fact, when Christians were being persecuted by the Spanish fascists - Turkey allowed Jews to immigrate into their country. Public solicitation of religion is forbidden, but Christian churches exist in peace. Mosques dot the landscape and prayer is called five times in twenty four hours - no one in compelled to become a Muslim. It has been a role model of a state turned republic that is a majority of Muslims. I know, I lived there while serving at NATO LSE HQ for 4.5 years. If judgement is based upon actions - Turkey has been a fine example of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
President Obama had announced his efforts to save and help the thousands of illegal immigrant “children” crossing our borders; an orchestrated plan to insert and apply subversion and further increase drug cartel control in the United States and other subversive activities sanctioned by the Mexican government by allowing that massive migration to travel from southern Mexico to the border of the United States – often aiding them. If the US protests, they are racist and cruel. So why is Mexico not keeping those migrants in their country in the name of humanity?
Our foreign policy has been bankrupt for decades, it has come to be increasingly dangerous because of the person presently holding office as our President. The US welcomed Joseph Stalin as a WW2 ally, despite his previous broken treaty with Adolph Hitler to carve up Europe. Then when victory in Europe occurred and Hitler was dead, Stalin was allowed to occupy and enforce communism in states that were to be freed from the Nazi. Stalin showed his appreciation of coalition by sending a vast and intricate spy network (already in place in 1930s) to infiltrate with the blessings of the Democrat Party leadership. That American political ideology exists today with politics governing border security instead of national security concerns; and allowing subversive 'front' organizations like CAIR to operate as 'non-profit' organizations that is financed by the very enemy we have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our leadership and political faction has capitulated in the name of 'tolerance' and humanity to an entity that has zero tolerance and whose affiliated actions can only be described as genocide.
Japan reformed itself from an Imperial totalitarian state to a democracy, a valued ally and trade partner; but our leadership (executive and legislative) has allowed a communist tyrant nation to become wealthy and prosperous and permeating our trade system to the extent that people loath the words 'Made in China'. Our leadership has ignored the underlying ideology of that nation whose aggressive purpose is clear to anyone except those who will not recognize the dangers. China did not reform at all, and Russian leadership appears to miss the good old days of the Soviet Union; but not nearly as dangerous as China. 
If we can honestly compare Islam to German fascism and Imperial Japanese fanaticism – both being barbaric – why are we not administering total war to wipe it out or force them to reform themselves? Islamic actions, intolerance, and genocide offers no other solution. They do not want peace, as Hamas in Palestine and other nations/factions have so clearly demonstrated over and over.
The answer should be unconditional surrender or termination. It is justified because Islam declared war on everyone who do not abide by Sharia Law and swear allegiance to Islam.
If the recent atrocities against children, beheaded in Iraq by the Islamic State and their heads on stakes in a city park is not justification to declare total war and demand the end of Islamic barbarism; is not justification – what the devil is?
Psychopathic Islam must be crushed and end the religious lunacy, blackmail, intimidation, and oppression wherever they decide to exist. They must be shown their evil ways cannot be tolerated.
Like the war against communism, fascism and barbarism – there is no substitute for victory. Evil must reform or be decimated.
Evil uses diplomacy and complacency as a weakness that it clearly seems to be policy for our leadership and those of other nations. We have learned nothing about the intent of evil that began in the 1930s and ended up to become a second world war. There is no compromise when it comes to standing up against evil – wherever it may be and whoever decides to stand with it.
If we literally do not want to return to the Dark Ages – we must triumph over the darkness of evil that is permeating societies of world nations.
Islam has declared war on everyone - why can leadership not see this?
It is time that our leadership stop ignoring intelligence data and the commanders of the military who want to win at war, not settle for a truce or capitulate via 'diplomacy'. This is not a "police action" or "conflict" - it is a war to save the world from insane barbarism.

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