Aug 30, 2014

Rome Burns While Obama Plays Golf and Cancels Meetings

The workforce is looking bleak, all because of the predicted results of Obamacare whose statistics have been released by the Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia, New York, and Atlanta.
New hiring has been reduced and employers are moving their workers from full time to part time. 18.2% of employers say they cut the amount of workers and that same amount stated they were increasing the amount of part-time workers.
The New York Federal Reserve announced that because of Obamacare 21% of manufacturers are reducing employment and 19.3% are increasing their part-time workers.
The Atlanta Federal Reserve found that 34% of business plan to hire more part-time workers because of the rise (and still rising) cost of full-time employees.
More than one third of those manufacturers stated that Obamacare has increased costs and will continue to increase. Employers are now forced to shift more of the expense of health insurance to their workers taken out of their paychecks.
Remember Obama's campaign promise (and after election) that the Affordable Healthcare Act would save the average family $2000 per year? Well, it has turned out to cost Americans more than that per year in healthcare insurance rising costs – forced upon by legislation that should never have passed.
84% of employers will be increasing the deductible, 79% will be increasing the co-payments and 40% of employers will be reducing the covered benefits.
How has Obamacare helped anyone? It must be no good because Congress decided to exempt itself and their employees, as well as the White House – with the Obama magic pen of executive order.
Remember all of this when your congressional members want reelection this year. It is time to clean out Congress and fumigate the White House and its myriad of departments and agencies – starting by repealing the 16th Amendment (that was not supposed to pass) and go to a flat rate (changed only by two-third congressional vote) consumption tax. The bill which has been languishing in Congress for more than a decade now needs to be fine tuned and then passed simultaneously with the repeal of the 16th Amendment.
Veterans don't believe his BS [notice how few clapped hands when he spews his propaganda] - why do other Americans fall for his lies? Veterans knows how well the federal government keeps its promises - NOT!
In his recent speech to The American Legion, according to Obama - all is well Americans, don't worry ...

With the national debt so high and rising, our border so wide open that experts expect another attack via ISIS; which Obama has assured will not happen. While EU nations are gathering for a contingency defense plan and the UK has raised the terrorist alert level – our president says it is not necessary, but keeping an eye on the situation through meetings he cancels or shows up late for.
Obama is going to make feeble speeches this Labor Day weekend, while Forbes counters his propaganda with facts.We never asked for a religious war, just as we did not ask to fight against Imperial Japan, a people who thought it an honor to die for the emperor; and if we are going to fight against Islamic Jihadists, it is time to recognize that free nations have been forced to fight against a religion who demands tolerance, but gives none and whose ultimate goal is world domination.
Many Americans are celebrating the Labor Day weekend without jobs or jobs that have less hours than last Labor Day.
Just give thanks for it all to the democratic-socialists who call themselves the Democratic Party of the United States.

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