Aug 26, 2014

Weapons of Choice: Mossberg MVP Series

I have been partial to the Remington 30-06 bolt-action rifle, 700 series. I like the Mossberg shotguns, but the MVP bolt-action series of rifles is something to take notice; available in varmint, big-game and patrol rifle styles at a reasonable price.
It is the presentation of the all-purpose rifle, redesigned so it can use AR magazines, which allows greater capacity than what Remington offers. The entire Mossberg bolt-action family is centered around its excellent Lightning Bolt Action system that is a “drop-push” bolt offered in 5.56mm and 7.62mm. The chambering is military specs, so the civilian counterpart (.203/.308) can also be used; because the military chambering is larger and therefore does not cause a safety issue.

MVP Predator w/30-rd magazine
The other features on the MVP series is it is offered with factory zeroed scopes, like Remington, Picatinny rail, and threaded barrels to install the AR-type flash suppressors available.
The bolt is crisp and smooth. With other bolt-action rifles, it pushes forward, the lip drops to catch a cartridge from the top of the magazine, pushing it forward into the chamber. As the bolt is withdrawn, the lip pushes upward and overrides the next cartridge. One of the differences of the MVP rifles is that the bolt has two small projections at the bottom of its face that engages the cartridge and it does not matter which side of the staggered magazine the cartridge is located.
The MVP ejector is plunge-style within the bolt face as well as a sliding-plate extractor in the bolt's right lug. To reduce friction it is fluted, giving it a unique look among other rifles.
The trigger system is the Mossberg Adjustable Trigger System, much like what is seen on other brands of rifles. Remove the barrel action from the stock and the trigger can be easily adjusted down to a 2-pound pull. The MVP comes from the factory set for just a little over a 3-pound pull; which is what most hunters prefer.
MVP Predator
My favorite configuration in the MVP series is the MVP Predator that has the beautiful matte laminated wood stock with a 20” Sporter barrel that is fluted and threaded and the 3-9x40mm scope. A fitted bipod is available from factory. You can choose between a 13.25” or 13.75” length of pull and either a 1:10 twist or 1:9 twist. Overall length is either 39” or 40”, your choice. Whichever barrel length you choose (18.5”/20”) or caliber (5.56mm/7.62mm) the rifle trims out to 7 pounds. MSRP = $912.
MVP Flex
The MVP Flex is also offered in 5.56mm or 7.62mm and the stock is synthetic with the buttstock being a collapsible tubular configuration. Another great thing is that all the various buttstocks available can be swapped out in minutes without tools. The Flex has no iron sights and Picatinny rail is included. MSRP = $1142 with 20” barrel.
MVP Patrol
The MVP Patrol  is a tactical option in 5.56mm or 7.62mm that comes standard with a 16.5” barrel with an adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front sight. It also has a Picatinny rail mount for optics that has the standard 3-9x scope mounted at the factory. It comes with a 10-round magazine. MSRP = $863.
MVP Thunder Ranch
The MVP Thunder Ranch is only available in 5.56mm, designed as a varmint rifle with an OD green synthetic stock and 18.5” fluted medium bull barrel. It has a Picatinny rail with no iron sights and weighs just over 8-pounds. You can also order this rifle with a threaded barrel.
MSRP = $748.
Lightning Action system like Mossberg 4x4
I would like to point out about the Mossberg MVP series is that you can have larger capacity magazines than the 4-5 rounds offered in other bolt-action rifles. The 7.62mm series, which is my choice, was designed to accept either the M110/SR-25 magazines or M14-style magazines – making it much easier to find spare magazines than like the Remington 700 series rifles.
The stock design is also well thought out, making a quick placement to the shoulder, the eye quickly aligns with the scope. The fore-end of the stock should be trimmed a bit to make it more manageable, but this is only personal preference. The smooth action and trigger system should also be commended.
The good recoil pad makes the 7.62mm/.308 cartridge recoil more manageable.
The Mossberg MVP series is rugged and should provide the shooter accurate and dependable shooting over many years of service no matter which model you choose in the series.


  1. Is there a bigger clip for the Mossberg .308 patriot

    1. For the Thunder model .223/5.56, you just use AR magazines (they are not "clips"). 5-round magazines for the bolt-action models and larger capacity magazines for Mossberg semi-automatic are available via Mossberg and its accessory associates.


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