Aug 13, 2014

NSSF: "Don't Cause Wildfires"

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has a new message to firearms owners:
Wildfires have many causes – don't be one of them!
NSSF is asking shooters and hunters to do their part in preventing wildfires. A new federal study has determined that the cost of fighting wildfires this year will increase by almost $500 million, which brings the annual total to $1.8 billion.
Firearm owners can minimize the risk of fire by:
  • Not using ammunition that is steel-jacketed or contains steel-core components.
  • Not using tracer rounds or exploding targets.
  • Remembering that a vehicle's or ATV's hot exhaust pipe can ignite a fire.
  • Properly extinguishing campfires.
The NSSF website has more information and you can download an NSSF poster.
Lightning has been the cause of more wildfires in Oregon and Washington in the aftermath of the terrible northwest wildfire that took lives and destroyed many homes. 

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