Aug 23, 2014

Michael Brown Story: Another Case of Media Causing Racial Tensions

The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, released a statement (Op-Ed) on August 20th, 2014 concerning the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent looting and pillaging. He promised a “full, fair, independent” investigation.
Too bad the media does not have an honorable news reporting philosophy, as Ann Coulter points out in her article: No Facts, No Peace.
A taped conversation of eyewitness …
Him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran -- the police got out and ran after him ... Then the next thing I know he comes back toward the truck 'cause -- the police had his gun drawn already on him. The police kept dumping on him, and I'm thinking that the police missing ... but he kept coming toward him.
Peaceful demonstrations are the right of citizens; but those involved in criminal and violent actions in Ferguson, Missouri were not really concerned about the Michael Brown incident or whether the police officer had just cause – it was a moment for excuse to rob, loot, and pillage; despite local citizens trying to stop them and deter them from unlawful actions unrelated to the situation.
The media rarely takes the time to get the details and facts, it takes too long and they have to be the first to report an event. The people of Ferguson should be angry at the media, not the local police; who were not afforded the time to investigate the shooting and decide whether it was justified or the officer used unlawful force against Michael Brown. The dead suspect's family, of course, insist that his character was unjustly defamed – but that was blown out of the water when a video tape of him stealing from a local business and strong-arming store owner. They did not take the time to find out what the story of the police officer was; which evidence pointed out that the officer was injured and bruised from the suspect's attack before the shooting began.
This is the 21st century – the 1960s are long gone. It is long past due to have general peace among citizens of a country where many from other places, individually or by descent, have united to become one people: Americans. We the People should be making our nation a role model for the rest of the world. A strong anti-constitutional political party whose primary rule of politics is “divide and conquer” has worked diligently over the decades to water down the US Constitution and ensure laws counter that which was created by the wise Founders who feared that the constitutional republic would not last.
It is We the People who can only ensure that true reformation takes place within our government and society.
Using a shooting of a local as an excuse to loot and pillage is evil and unacceptable; an excuse to commit crimes. The local citizenry that peacefully protested demanding investigation of Brown shooting actually tried to stop those criminals. However, too many did not wait to see if justice would be served after all the facts, which the media did not wait for, were presented and a grand jury did their job in determining whether Brown was shot justifiably.

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