Sep 27, 2014

Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Islamic Convert

Alton Alexander Nolen
Another beheading occurred by an Islamic Jihadist on September 26th, but not in an Islamic state in Middle East. It occurred in Moore, Oklahoma.
30-year-old Alton A. Nolen (mug shot above) walked into the Vaughan Foods plant, after driving into the company parking lot and hitting another vehicle, entered the building, decapitated Colleen Hufford, 54, with a knife and then attacked a second woman, Traci Johnson, 43. He was then shot by the chief operating officer of Vaughan Foods, who is an Oklahoma County reserve deputy. Mrs. Johnson and Nolen were treated for wounds in a local hospital.
The FBI was called in because of the nature of the crime, who followed up on reports that Nolen was a convert to Islam and had sought to persuade other workers to convert as well. Nolen also had several criminal convictions. Nolen had more than 20 convictions that date back to December of 2009, several drug offenses and assaulting a police officer in January 2011. He was released from prison in March of 2013.
Members of the Islamic community in Oklahoma fear there will be repercussions. Saad Saad Mohammad, Islamic Society of Oklahoma City stated security would be bolstered to protect the Muslim community from retaliation.
If an armed person was not present, who knows what the carnage would have taken place.
Last year it was reported that there has been an increase in Islamic conversion in US prisons, even to the point of inmates being bullied to convert. Wall Street Journal (2003) confirmed that Wahhabism is making progress in the African American prison population.
Meanwhile, the Clarion Project uncovered ties of the Obama administration to the Muslim Brotherhood.
The office of the Director of National Intelligence misled members of Congress in 2012 about its involvement with Muslim Brotherhood-linked entities. … There is no doubt that this current administration is very close to groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).
Allen West reported that members of the administration communicated with the MB as well as the Muslim cleric bin Bayyah, who met with Obama White House national security council in June of 2013. Obama has authorized foreign aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, where the radical organization was founded. However, another report stated the funding was to Egypt, not the Brotherhood. A technical explanation when the MB has political control.
Bottom line is: Why is this administration doling out foreign aid in the billions of dollars when our national debt is high and US veterans are getting cheated out of their benefits?
According to the Washington Free Beacon:
President Barack Obama favorably quoted and praised on Wednesday in his speech before the United Nations a controversial Muslim cleric whose organization has reportedly endorsed the terror group Hamas and supported a fatwa condoning the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Obama in his remarks offered praise to controversial cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and referred to him as a moderate Muslim leader who can help combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL or ISIS) radical ideology.
Allen West wrote:
America does not need a Grand Mufti or a National Imam – so where are those secular humanists complaining about a Muslim cleric meeting in the White House on national security matters? Yep, crickets again, as always with the ever hypocritical progressive socialist Left. America certainly does not need a president heaping accolades on a man who once called for the death of our men and women in uniform.
Progressives still insist that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not politically or socially correct to think otherwise.


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