Sep 23, 2014

The Great Imposter: Hypocrisy and Fabicration - Legacy of 'Hope and Change' Obama

GW Bush was painted as evil by the progressive, democratic-socialists who call themselves Democrats for short.
Despite the Benghazi fiasco and scandal of September 2012, months before that November's presidential election, American voters, afraid of Mitt Romney because he represented evil and was a devout Mormon Christian who spent and spends millions of dollars to charitable organizations while the Great Pretender, his Vice President and congressional minions donated a pittance; but that did not stop their propaganda with the help of mainstream media to continue their destruction of
Romney's characterization. Romney was demonized for truthfully saying that 47% of Americans are dependent upon government; thus the reason why so many are against conservative constitutionalist candidates. The statement was procurred by a Democrat-Socialist Party spy that went viral, attending a meeting meant for the major donors of the Romney campaign for president. Disregarding that, it was the truth, the percentage gleaned from real statistics. It is also obvious that those voters did not keep track of the scandals, inept actions, and downright lies of the Obama administration.
I was not thrilled with Romney's history of changing policy in midstream, mostly to try to please everyone; but as a person he is an honorable person. The job of those operating OUR government is to, first and foremost, protect and abide by the US Constitution; regardless what political club they belong to.
Bill Whittle presents the video entitled Bush Lite ...
The next Bill Whittle video, entitled Tie-Dyed Tyranny, covers the bureaucratic Big Brother government and how the liberties of private property, the word 'private' not in Big Government vocabulary ...
Educational institutions has been and continues to be a petri dish for growing young citizens into brainwashed, government adoring citizens.
Bill Whittle explains how full comprehension of a single paragraph from that hundred-year-old elementary school textbook eludes virtually all of today's college graduates; shows why it is such a sin, and reveals the Progressive Struggle for Stupidity in all of its undeniable venality.
Bill Whittle discusses the continued phenomenon of racism and its advocates, the race-baiting progressive socialists.
Apparently, voters did not pay any attention to this Bill Whittle 2012 video ...

No one expects, or should expect, our nation's leaders to be agreeable to everyone - but we should have been, over the decades, expect, no demand, that the US Constitution and its amendments be the foremost in their policies, legislation, and regulations. It is simple as that.
And, last and most recent, our foreign policies have long been bankrupt; indeed, it is bankrupting the United States - yet, the Islamic Jihadists MUST be destroyed ...
Post Script: The Democratic Party is probably beyond any reformation, having embedded themselves with socialism since FDR; but the Republican Party certainly has not lived up to its name. This is problematic for Americans trying to be responsible voters and protect our Constitution with a traditional two-party system. Third parties have attempted to make those true reformations become reality, but BOTH parties have fought against them being established, independent candidates being treated the same by those parties as well as the bias media. Another factor is that campaigning for office, especially at the federal level, costs a lot of money; which both traditional parties have a good record of gathering. Whichever and whatever element brings about true reformation, it is We the People that must decide whether to have a government that rules by law or one that rules by the mob and the discretion of the elite ruling class.

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