Sep 19, 2014

SoundGear Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is optimal for shooters and eye protection is also a good practice to get into. Shooting ranges will not allow shooters to fire without hearing protection. The earmuff-style hearing protection seems to be popular, but now the old standby ear plugs, issued to military personnel has gone high-tech. Hunters are concerned with not being aware of important sounds they need to hear when tracking game, and the high-tech hearing protection systems is important to them.
SoundGear is a renowned hearing aid manufacturer who has come up with ear plugs that provides shooters quality ear protection and yet be aware of other sounds. It is the digital earplug revolutionary product.
The digital earplugs compresses all sound waves more than 93dB, but allows lower sound waves to come through, and clearly. This means that gunshots are dampened, but the snap of a twig is not. It is performed by the utilization of universal double and triple flanged silicone sleeves, which ensures a proper seal with the ear canal, and designed to be comfortable, no matter how long you are out in the field or on the shooting range.

SoundGear offers two styles: In-the-Canal ($399) and Behind-the-Ear ($189) models.
NRA promotes the use of SoundGear.
National shooting events are beginning to use this hearing protection product ...

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