Sep 1, 2014

Brownells Celebrates 75 Years in Firearm Supplies and Gunsmith Tools and Supplies

Brownells is the largest supplier of firearms accessories and gunsmithing tools in the world and is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
It is the place I procure all of my gunsmithing tools and accessories and supplies. They have 80,000 parts with a large catalog that has added archery needs and survival gear in the inventory as they celebrate 75 years of “A Shooting Heritage”. The company has video shorts to help customers work on their own firearms and videos for professional gunsmiths. 

Brownells long history began in 1939 when Bob Brownell operated a Shell Gas station on Highway 63 in Montezuma, Iowa. A lifelong machinist, writer, tinkerer and entrepreneur with understanding of how guns work, he suffered repeated attacks of Meniere's Disease and was bedridden for weeks. During that time he kept busy by fixing pistols for his friends while lying in bed. After learning to control the disease, he began repairing firearms for people in Montezuma.
Gradually he expanded his gunsmithing shop in the corner of his enclosed back porch of his house. As he worked on guns he discovered that tools that help to complete his projects either didn't exist or were impossible to find. He then gets the idea that a business could be created that would help gunsmiths and find the tools and supplies they required – a one-stop shopping place.
In the December 1944 edition of American Rifleman, Bob begins his ad with:
Before shipping your gun for rebluing, investigate your local gunsmith.
Believing that gunsmithing is a noble profession, he spent his entire career pushing professionalism and raising the level of ability and competency of gunsmiths by providing them useful information in his Gunsmith's News Letter, providing free information for gunsmith questions.His son and grandson continue the tradition.
For a more thorough interactive history in time-line format, visit the Brownells Timeline website.
Brownells supports several organizations and charities:
NRA Life of Duty: A website platform of videos that consists of a library of stories of heroes in the military, law enforcement, and first responder avocations. The issue has a sporting section on page 10. On one channel, Colonel Oliver North interviews troops bringing stories you won't see or hear on the nightly news. One interview was with a 94-year-old paratrooper who landed at Normandy 70 years ago. The video is called Normandy: A Hero Returns.
Freedom Alliance: Founded in 1900, their charity mission is to support and honor service members and their families. The Freedom Alliance does not accept government grants, relying solely on private donations. They have awarded $7 million in scholarships to the children of our military personnel who have died or been permanently disabled on a mission or in a training accident and also have reserves for the children of young soldiers, whose children are very young.
Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW): An organization that takes wounded special ops soldiers hunting. Brownells bought an Argentine Dove hunt package at a Professional Outdoor Media Association event and gave it to SOWW to raffle as a fundraiser. Brownells will also be hosting four wounded warriors for a pheasant hunting weekend in the fall of 2014 and will use their video capabilities to help them develop a promo video. Another of their chosen charities is the Chicago PD Brotherhood of the Fallen.
Frank Brownell
Over the course of a year, Brownells supports over 500 events, most of which are shooting related. Brownells also supports local organizations like the Lions Club and contributed to the purchase of some land nearby in Montezuma, next to Diamond Lake, open to the public and managed for hunting.
Bob's son, Frank Brownell and Frank's son Pete Brownell continue the Brownell tradition of professional excellence and continued growth that has survived for 75 years.

Brownells YouTube channel has many videos and an offer to subscribe to their channel.

Brownells firearm maintenance videos cover many models and makes of firearms …

Brownells offer quality firearm accessories …
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Brownells archery supplies and videos available about their products …
Brownells “How To” videos are excellent sources as well. Here is a video how to setup your bow to fish with …
The second video continues with techniques that will help successful bowfishing …

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