Sep 24, 2014

Springfield Armory Range Officer: Great M1911 Platform Available in Compact

SA Range Officer - M1911
Springfield Armory is an historical American firearm manufacturer, one of the oldest, serving the public and United States armed forces. For decades, Springfield has provided quality M1911 handguns from the standard GI model to top-end competition sports models.
The tried-and-proven Range Officer model is now available in a compact platform available in 9mm Luger. The RO is what professional shooters demand for the range or concealed carry out of the box.
The original M1911, with its .45 caliber ammunition, was definitely designed as a military sidearm, at first used by cavalry soldiers; despite being shorter than the revolver it replaced.
Despite competition with Glock, the M1911 continues to be popular and is available with a myriad of configurations. It is used as a military, special operations, police service, competition, concealed carry, home defense and even a hunting sidearm.
Springfield Armory has been located in Geneseo, Illinois for decades, ironic because Illinois is one of the few states that does not recognize that the Second Amendment is the law of the land – for all states in the Union.
For two centuries, the US Armed Forces looked to Springfield Armory for their firearms. Today, the original location in Massachusetts is a national historic site. The original 1840s arsenal now has the world's largest collection of historic American military firearms, open year-round to the public.
The Range Officer 1911 comes in two calibers and two versions with features that customers often look for in a quality pistol. It is available as a full-size, all-steel, 5-inch barrel pistol and a short-butt, short-slide compact model; as well as in the original .45 ACP or internationally popular, 9mm Luger chamberings.
Heavier than the polymer competition handgun, the 9mm Luger, seems heavy to those used to lighter weapons. The greater weight has advantages in that the recoil is dampened and steadier in the aiming process, especially important with .45 ACP ammo.
The RO is finished in the standard flat tactical black with angled cocking serrations found on current M1911s. The front sight is dovetailed with a slightly angled rear sight, the latter fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The receiver is the standard GI M1911, except for the long trigger, safety pad grip, and extended safety on the left side. A key locking device has been utilized for several years. The stock grip is the standard double-diamond-checkered hardwood laminate in cocobolo with the Springfield log laser-cut into the sides.
The MSRP for a stock 9mm Luger or .45 ACP Range Officer is $989.
The shooter who decides to use the RO as a concealed-carry weapon will have a problem with the hefty iron workhorse, unless a shoulder harness rig is used.
The RO compact also comes in either 9mm Luger or .45 ACP, which makes it ideal for concealed carry, not using the shoulder harness rig. It is 11 ounces lighter than the standard Range Officer. The sights are fiber-optic and designed for quick draw. The 9mm version RO standard or compact is great to shoot, providing consistent grouping as in the case of other 9mm handguns versus the .45 ACP 'flying refrigerator'. However, the RO compact in .45 ACP will surprise the shooter with its accuracy.
I believe that the Range Officer line of handguns is the best buy in the Springfield M1911 model lineup, and others agree in the firearm industry.
If you like M1911s, you'll like the Springfield Armory's Range Officer.

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