Sep 27, 2014

Energy Bill Passes House - Senator Reid Holding It Up. Again

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has been notorious for being against proposed energy bills that would boost the economy and actually create more jobs, passing the House of Representatives, but languishing or failing to pass the Senate. The proposed bills would also reduce the cost of energy for Americans. Of course, Reid was instrumental in approval of a Chinese solar company that his son set up to sell land in the American West to them, part of Harry Reid's long list of ethical scandal- mostly over real estate transactions.
Last week, H.R.2: American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act, consisting of 13 bills that deal with energy development and regulation that allows the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline; streamlining the process for approving drilling permits; limiting the EPA's ability to regulate emissions from fossil-fueled power plants; allowing states to continue regulating hydraulic fracturing without federal interference; and setting deadlines for federal agencies to act when considering certification or permits for the construction or expansion of natural gas pipelines.
Representative Cynthia Lummis is behind the bill and submitted the following video:

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