Sep 26, 2014

Odd Historical Firearm: Dardick 1500 Revolver

At the top of my list of the odd firearms in the American firearm industry, is the Dardick Model 1500 revolver.
Invented by David Dardick who has several patents in his name:
Cloud Gun – A multiple barrel gun firing projectiles at an extremely high rate of fire in the form of a dense cloud. Filed in August 6, 1987 and Issued June 6, 1989.
Multiple Tier Ammunition Magazine – detachable ammunition magazine for high rate-of-fire that stores and feeds triangularly shaped cartridges. Filed July 8, 1987 and Issued May 23, 1989.
Energy Transfer Multi-Barrel Gun – multiple barrel, rapid rate of fire, employing triangularly shaped cartridges. Filed July 30, 1987. Issued June 7, 1988.
Other inventions he patented that is not related to firearms:
The following is an excellent review of the historical and hard-to-find Dardick 1500 revolver:

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