Sep 11, 2014

Remember Benghazi

Two years after the Benghazi attack and torture-murder of Ambassador Stevens – no one responsible for not providing security and aid to Benghazi personnel have been brought to justice. Shame on Congress for not pushing investigation and bringing those responsible to trial and impeachment.
In first week of June of 2012 there were IED attacks on Benghazi embassy, Ambassador Stevens asks Hillary Clinton for more security forces.

15 Jun 2012: Charlene Lamb, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, responsible for embassy security informs staff in Libya that the existing security team's contract will not be renewed – providing less security than required and requested.
9 Jul 2012: Ambassador Stevens requests additional 13 security personnel, because of increasing dangerous situations.
2 Aug 2012: Ambassador Stevens sends urgent cable to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton requesting a detailed body guard team.
5 Aug 2012: State Department orders the removal of Ambassador Stevens' existing security team.
8 Aug 2012: Ambassador Stevens SST (security team) leaves Libya.
16 Aug 2012: Libyan embassy security officer sends urgent message to Secretary Clinton concerning dire security issues.
10 Sep 2012: Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, calls for revenge for the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi, senior Libyan al Qaeda faction.
11 Sep 2012: Ambassador Stevens sends final warning about lack of security. Later, in the late hours and early hours of 12 Sep 2012, Christopher Stevens would be captured, tortured and murdered – captured on video after a seven hour battle to defend themselves until US forces came to their aid – which never happened. A video made in Libya shows that the State Department and White House lied as to how Stevens died.

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