Sep 20, 2014

Epidemics Surfacing: A Testament of a Broken Immmigration Policy, Federal Infrastructure, and Endangerment of National Security

One of the major reasons for immigration laws and control is prevention of immigrating communicable diseases. Because this administration, and federal administrations previously, major epidemics can be a threat to people of the United States.
Thousands of illegal immigrant kids in detention facilities, ushered in a major spread of diseases, like those that have become rare, like tuberculosis in Texas. Federal authorities have denied and tried to hide these things under the command of President Obama. Lice seems to be a major problem in those facilities as well as other health problems unheard of in the United States.
Investigation has been prevented and the detention centers are guarded by men with M16 rifles.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has stated that children coming across our southern border are 'remarkably healthy'. The department spokesperson, Sylvia Burwell, also stated:
...the situation of the influx of unaccompanied children across our nation's border is an urgent humanitarian situation that calls for a robust humanitarian response.
It is true that most of these children have been sent to cross our borders illegally because of the horrific violence in their home countries; but it is also a scheme that takes advantage of American humanitarianism, where parents/family send their children anticipating in following them after the US government accepts them. Our record of foreign policies, especially with the Obama administration, illegal immigration is encouraged instead of dealing with those nations who have these problems – encouraging Central American nations to take care of their problems and quit bringing it illegally across our borders.
Hypocrisy and Fabrication has become the Norm in Fed Govt
Where is it in our Constitution to take on all humanitarian conditions at taxpayer expense? We are literally a nation that is taxed without representation in several ways, one of the major reasons why American colonists rebelled against Great Britain. We have political prostitutes in Washington who think nothing of putting our nation in serious debt and economic ruin with their insane idea of budgeting that when funds are being overspent, instead of cutting back, they either raise existing taxes or create new ones – all of which burdens people who are already having difficulty in an economic crisis.
Illegal immigration helps countries like Mexico, who receives indirectly millions and maybe billions of dollars a year because illegal immigrants send money back home to family, US currency, which helps their economy. They reduce their unemployment by encouraging their citizens to migrate north in order to secure jobs, be it legally through work visas or illegally. This phase of foreign policy is ridiculous – and, most importantly, dangerous.
President Obama and his corrupt and inept minions did not create this situation, it was still a problem (in lesser degree) when Bush served two terms – but Obama defies constitutional law and the authority of Congress when it comes to illegal immigration. It is not because he is SO HUMANITARIAN – it is because he belongs to a political club that will defy sanity and common sense in order to create a stronger voting force so they can continue their progressive march toward socialism, more socialism not already in place.
Evil has crossed our border thanks to a federal government whose major purpose is national security, but continually fails.
Evil is also being conveyed to youthful Americans on the Internet where Islamic Jihadists are recruiting naive and disturbed Americans, and that technology has also brought problems concerning cyberattacks by evil entities intent upon destroying our infrastructure and constitutional system.
All of these problems concerning illegal immigration is jacking up the national debt, at a time when the federal administration is screwing over its veterans who have been ordered to fight overseas by that same federal authority, cutting corners in our defense policies and infrastructure while funneling money to provide welfare for people that cross our border uninvited, breaking our laws, and with such a number it is literally an invasion.
Taxpayers are paying for this invasion - thanks to a government who thinks it is okay to provide transportation for illegal immigrants and housing them, against our immigration laws.
Anyone who states the concerns of these issues and addresses illegal immigrant invasion are labeled 'racists' and unfeeling, by a progressive socialist political group who sanctions mass murder of pre-born infants and turns away veterans requiring aid that was promised when they volunteered to serve our nation.
Is that 'humanitarian'?
The political club that calls itself the Democratic Party and some “moderates” who hang out in the Republican political entity are pathetic hypocrites, dangerous and corrupted by the 'business as usual' atmosphere in our nation's capitol likened unto the metaphor 'Babylon' – district of sin and corruption.
Fellow Americans: We need to be more responsible at the voting polls. We need to do our homework and take more seriously primary elections. We need to take the opportunity to get rid of the waste in Congress this election year. We need to pay attention to the Tea Party movement who demands that constitutional law return, the income tax goes in the garbage heap and be replaced with a consumption flat tax that cannot be changed without two-thirds majority (Fair Tax Act), and stick to what the Founders intended: a constitutional republic, not a socialist welfare state.
 It is the former that made us great. It is the Constitution, its articles and amendments, created by wise men in 1787 that made America great. It is the progressive socialism infiltration that is destroying that greatness – NOT what the progressive politicians say – that the Constitution is 'old fashioned' or 'out dated', and 'hindering our progress'.
It is only hindering the goals of the political elite, the progressives, whose intent is to undermine and make the US Constitution something to notice but only abide by when it conveniences those who have set themselves up in the power of the federal government.
For most of these serious problems, both sides of the political fence can be blamed; but the Democratic Party should be realistic and truthful – renaming their party the Democratic-Socialists of the United States and the GOP elite establishment refer to themselves as spineless.
The articles of the US Constitution were written in a manner that would last and not be outdated, unless you believe that liberty and justice is no longer viable. The amendments were created to add to and enhance those articles of the Constitution, in order to put those liberties and freedoms on paper; except for the 16th Amendment, that should never have passed because it was shot down by the US Supreme Court in 1911 – the income tax. Because no government or organization has the right to take from wages you earned at whatever rate they decide. It is why the Founders intended consumption tax, which is a tax system based upon what people spend on and can afford; which automatically costs more for the wealthy who spend more – thus not requiring the unfair income tax system based upon a progressive tax base. 
If you examine, what legislators have been doing over the decades, legislation passed since the 1930s, instrumental in the process of engineering society (called "social engineering", a platform of the doctrine of Marxism and Communist Manifesto) into thinking ways and making policies that is against what was founding principles of our US Constitution and common sense that Thomas Paine asked for. Thomas Jefferson was the main advocate for separating religion from state affairs; but he did not advocate removing the aspects of religion, Judeo-Christian, principles that provide good moral fiber and sound values. That is the spin that progressive socialists in the guise of democratic representation have been pushing.
Evil can only succeed if good men and women with sound values and moral fiber do nothing; and that is why it takes society to initiate the reformation we need, in society and civil matters, starting with choosing their representatives, senators, and presidents wisely. 

Truly it is not the Internet entirely to blame - it is parents not being responsible, most of whom know nothing about what their children are doing - pampering them by giving them electronic devices they want because all the other kids have them instead of the practicality; not monitoring their use.  It also has to do with parental discipline, being role models to their children and providing guidelines that will turn them into responsible adults with moral fiber and good character.
Popularity in politics is like an iceberg where one sees only a small portion above the water – a good portrayal of the character and background of BH Obama and his cohorts. It is an example of why voters need to research diligently and be as cautious about voting as they would in purchasing a home or automobile.
In addition, the GOP needs its house cleaned of establishment elites who only pretend to be mindful of the values and principles of a constitutional republic.
Do your duty as a citizen – get involved and demand true reformation of our federal and state governments and exercise your voting rights responsibly; demanding that voting fraud issues be addressed more diligently and those that fool with our voting system pay a high price in terms of prison time. Those that complain about voter photo-identification procedures are those who do not want voting fraud to end, because it helps them remain in control.
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