Sep 22, 2014

Josie the Outlaw: The End of Oppression - Activism Against an Unlimited Government

Josie Outlaw is a YouTube phenomenon who presents great presentations in the genre of Bill Whittle - about returning rights and liberties and limiting government like the US Constitution dictates.
I, and well as the Oath Keepers, would like to know who writes her script for her videos - is it herself or someone else? Her Facebook page, previously shut down, like her website, shows she does her own dialogue as well as editing. Kudos to Josie!

Here is one of her prime/best video documentaries, entitled The End of Oppression.
The End of Oppression, Part 1
The End of Oppression, Part 2
Josie the Outlaw's website was suspended without notice or reason, as well as her Facebook account, which has since been reinstated.  Citizens and organizations like 'Josie Outlaw' are considered a danger to the present government, even listing them at some level of 'terrorist' threat. 
What humanity needs most is to trade in the statist, authoritarian mentality for the principles of self-ownership and voluntarism. - Josie the Outlaw
Josie is correct, there are few government programs that are not intrusive, and fewer still falling under the limitations of government clause in the Constitution of the United States. 
People like Josie have worked hard for portraying truth and facts that show how our government has fallen away from the principles and reason why the Constitution was created; which can only reverse all the methods and principles that made our country so great - once upon a time.
In January of 2014, Josie was a guest speaker at the Save Long Island Forum in New York ...
As a side note ... the Internet has become a great source and symbol for free speech, which helps inform people and/or at least present information for the reader to decide upon. Not everything on the Internet is tasteful or even truthful, which is part of the price of that freedom. One must always remember that the First Amendment concerning free speech does not require others to agree or abide by what one says; nor does the First Amendment abide by anyone using free speech to spread lies, unjustly assassinate one's character, or indoctrinate people with propaganda.
Josie attributes her passionate advocacy of freedom and liberty to her father who taught her to question everything.
Josie is selling T-shirts with the following graphics:
Josie received the honor of being declared the Patriot of the Week, in the spring of 2014, by the Charles Carroll Society.
Charles Carroll Society image
Josie, of course, supports the troops and veterans, but not in the normal way, as she explains and represents a topic that she and I do not agree (in her total ideology of the topic). Fighting against Islamic Jihadists is a matter of survival of ALL free nations of the world.  ...
Not in total agreement or support of the above comments, I would, at the same time, fight for Josie's liberty to relay her ideology in the form of free speech.
I am not totally against having government in place, but if there must be a government, which there must be for any nation - it must be limited.
In the following video, Josie protests against the Founders not ending slavery when they created the Constitution ...
As what Josie presents the flaws in early American government, it is the major reason why the Founders created the amendments and the clause that declared that amendments must be added or deleted, as necessary, in order to keep the principles of the original concept of a constitutional republic. Fortunately, but much too late, slavery was abolished and every citizen was allowed to vote regardless of gender, race, or political ideology.
Josie is part of the young generation of Americans, hopefully more like her will appear, vote, and spread the word of truth - countering the propaganda that the business-as-usual politicians on both sides of the political aisle have been issuing.
Yet, we cannot accept the opposite spectrum from tyranny to anarchism. Josie enjoys certain rights and liberties (like making her videos and speaking out about her views) because there ARE laws to protect them.
What has to be done is limit government, national and state, back to where the Founders had designed it to be - NOT no laws at all or anyone to enforce them. She is preaching against laws that protect her rights, putting it all into one basket like the central, federal government does.
Josie the Outlaw has the gist of it, but her solution is not within reality or common sense.
Bill Whittle makes sense - Josie the Outlaw makes sense until she insist there be no law, no government. Too bad. 

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