Sep 25, 2014

Border States of America: Documentary Available in DVD in Early October

This video shows what is happening, something that Obama has never investigated first hand. When Senator McCain went to investigate Arizona, while he was being filmed and interviewed, an illegal alien was jumping the fence in the background. Incredible and definitely a problem long ignored by the federal government and congressional members on BOTH sides of the political aisle.
Produced by Tea Party Patriots organization, get your documentary DVD for only $10 donation.
This organization is also fighting against bureaucrats in Congress to pass the Fair Tax Act and repeal the 16th Amendment. Support the advocates who want a flat, fair tax rate and no longer have government interfering with wages we earn, annuities, retirement funds, et cetera. It's all about reforming the federal government back to a constitutional limited government. Reduce the IRS from a powerful unconstitutional federal Gestapo agency to a much smaller auditing department.

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