Sep 8, 2014

Orange County California: Concealed Carry Permit Applications Doubled After Ruling

Last February, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that California's concealed carry law was unconstitutional – which means, like any other state in the Union – it must comply with the US Constitution and its amendments, specifically, the Second Amendment.
Previously, the California law stated that a person had to have a “good cause” for a concealed carry permit. Today, if you are a lawful citizen that passes the background check, turn in fingerprint cards – you get a concealed carry permit.
Since that ruling, Orange County alone showed application for conceal carry permits doubled, which caused the county to hire 14 part-time staffers in order to process the applications.
LA Times reported:
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is one of the only sheriffs in California to relax the standards after the ruling, even as a final decision remains pending before the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If the ruling is upheld, counties throughout California could soon be following her lead and dealing with similar demand. Those with a permit can take loaded guns to the mall, their workplace and other public places as long as the firearms are not visible and are not prohibited by private property rules. They are restricted from carrying in bars, airports and some schools and government buildings.
In August, 2,864 permits were pending, 1,672 permits are active, and 149 permits were denied.
If the anti-firearm people don't get their way and the ruling sticks, this means that Californians can finally join the other states in abiding by the Constitution and affording the opportunity for citizens to protect themselves. Statistics in terms of violent crimes should be showing results that criminals are less likely to commit violent crimes when they are unsure how many citizens in the vicinity of the potential crime scene are armed.

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