Sep 27, 2014

Religion of Peace and American Policies

Progressives in the United States continue to insist that Islam is a religion of peace. That is echoed by the so-called 'moderate' conservatives. The liberal-progressives-socialists, who invented political correctness, is against the death penalty, but sanctions the murder of millions of unborn children via abortion; caters to the Islam religion, while suppressing and oppressing Christianity. 
A Pew Poll was taken in 2013 concerning the Muslim world …
  • A majority of Muslims in several countries also support the death penalty for Muslims who convert away from Islam, including Afghanistan (79 percent), Egypt (88 percent), Pakistan (75 percent), the Palestinian territories (62 percent), Jordan (83 percent), and Malaysia (58 percent).
  • In contrast, in every other Arab country surveyed – Iraq, Palestinian territories, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia – a majority of Muslims indicated they supported Shariah. Muslim majorities in these Arab countries, with the exception of Tunisia, also indicated they either supported stoning adulterers or killing apostates, or both.
  • Forty percent of Muslims in the Palestinian territories and 39 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan said attacking civilian targets to defend Islam is often or sometimes justified. Further, 18 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories said such actions are “often” justified.
  • When a female commits the “offense” of pre-marital or extramarital sex, only 34 percent of Muslims in Jordan, 22 percent of Muslims in Iraq, 31 percent of Muslims in Egypt, 44 percent of Muslims in the Palestinian territories, 45 percent of Muslims in Lebanon, and 24 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan said they think the girl's family is ever justified to kill her to protect the family's honor.
John Hawkins, Townhall [confirmed by Breit Bart website] reported …
That is Muslims in the Arab countries – but there are extensive Muslims who have immigrated to other nations in Europe and the United States, as
  • A new widely-covered poll shows that a full 16% of French people have positive attitudes toward ISIS. That includes 27% of French between the ages of 18-24.
  • In 2006, a poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims wanted shariah law in the United Kingdom, and that 20% backed the 7/7 bombers. [So what is the REAL reason they immigrated to Europe?]
  • 19 percent of American Muslims as of 2011 said they were either favorable toward al-Qaeda or didn't know. [Why did they immigrate to the United States?]
There are two major reasons why people immigrate to another country: escape political persecution, or seek better opportunities and better living standards for themselves and family.
For those percentages of Muslims – that does not apply. So one can only surmise from the statistics and the Muslim clerics that Islamic Jihad applies, in varied degrees, and their immigration is only part of the overall plan of global domination and conquering free nations into submission to shariah law.
Remember, President BH Obama insists that Islam is a “religion of peace” - and so did President GW Bush – despite the facts found in the Qur'an and shariah law mandates. However, Turkey has been an example of truly peaceful Muslims; religion being separated from state since their first president, Ataturk Kemal. They are the only Muslim predominate nation that is a member of NATO. Recently, however, their political leadership has been steering away from what their republic's founder established – to be a Muslim living in co-existence with the Western world. I do hope that never changes.
Turkey was the only nation in that region that accepted Jewish immigrants when they were being persecuted elsewhere. Today, their descendents remain living in peace among the predominate Muslim population. Turkey also has old established Christian churches that are not condemned or attacked like other Muslim nations practice.
So, people of Islam CAN live in peace, but there are too many to not consider them enemies of free nations.
Our foreign policies have been bankrupt for some time.
When embassies are established for diplomatic operations, the country that it resides in is responsible to help protect those embassies. If an embassy is attacked, with no aid like what happened in Benghazi, our leadership should remove all diplomatic personnel from that nation and hold that nation responsible for its destruction and the murder of Americans. In addition, if the United Nations would be as it was intended, that nation's representatives should be expelled from the UN legislative body.
As John Hawkins wrote:
Most Muslims here in the United States, across the Western world and even in more moderate Islamic countries don’t support ISIS or Al-Qaeda. They don’t want Sharia law. They’re not okay with honor killings, rape, slavery, burkas, female circumcision, forced conversion or beheadings. It’s wrong to write those people off as enemies or worse yet, to lump them in as part of Team ISIS or Team Al-Qaeda.
However, Islamic Jihadists use organizations and mosques in the United States as a cover for their operations.
If anything, we need to encourage genuinely moderate Muslims and understand the difficulties they have to face. The ISIS-sympathizing fanatic who thinks he should be able to rape Christian women and who forces his wife to wear a burka isn’t “somewhere out there” to them; he’s sitting in the back row of their mosque on Sunday. Their wives say “Hello” in the grocery store. Their children see his weird, troublemaking kids on the playground. Isn’t life hard enough already without having to worry that potentially dangerous Muhammad McMurder views them as a cancer, undermining the coming worldwide Islamic Caliphate from within? That’s a strong incentive to stay quiet. So, when these Muslims do speak up, we need to encourage them.
The government that the feds have become is to put everyone in a basket, pushing for total collectivism; except when it comes to American Muslim issues. We, Americans, must not make the mistake to think that all Muslims are not grateful to live in the United States, free from persecution and shariah law.
Christianity went through centuries of persecution, murdering heretics, torturing people in the name of God, and burning witches – but they reformed. It is long past due that the majority of Muslims do the same.
It is a conundrum of how to tell an American Muslim patriot (or a patriot to any nation they immigrate to) between those who intend to subvert and conquer. As Hawkins wrote:
Ironically, that’s also part of the reason why we shouldn’t keep making the mistake of referring to Islam as a “religion of peace.” … If Islam is ever going to effectively deal with radical jihadists from within, we’ve got to do our part by doing a better job of helping the moderates and ostracizing the radicals rather than painting them all with a one-size-fits-all brush.
We need the wisdom of our Founders, applied to what is happening today. It might help if we back off from involving ourselves with foreign affairs, violent internal affairs, like our first presidents did until Thomas Jefferson was forced to deal with the Barbary Pirates and James Madison when the British tried to retake their American “colonies” in 1812. Internally, domestically, our government should be reforming to a constitutional republic as it was intended – with a limited central government that includes fair and non-intrusive taxation. We need constitutional congressman who will repeal Obamacare, because the Democrats (or the Republicans) will never fix it. We need to stop copying European socialism and get back to being a constitutional republic with a Constitution unique in history of the world. It doesn't work if it is not applied, protected, and maintained by those we elect; which means We the People must vote more responsibly and step up to the speaker box when politicians get out of line.We need to have an education system where students are taught to think, understand the Constitution as it was written, and know what they need to know to become productive and responsible citizens; not the 'unwashed' mass of indoctrinated citizens overruled by a trade union. Educational institutions are foremost places of learning, not indoctrination - and their primary objective should be the students, not the administration and its staff. Decent pay attracts decent teachers - unions only care about collecting dues, increasing their fold, and applying their power into government activities. At the same time, administrations should be selective and discerning when choosing teachers for employment. Teachers are a prime importance in any society and civilization; but they must not be instruments of a tyrannical and totalitarian government; nor puppets for the collective trade union.
Common sense must be returned into that and other systems.
We need leadership that will back off from trying to solve other nations' problems and solve our own before we are not able to help anyone, including ourselves. We need to secure our own border before spending energy and funds securing another nation's border. WE need to excise the drug cartel and the illegal immigrant population because it is of interest to the security and sovereignty of the United States. If we follow our immigration laws, enforcing them, we are still more complacent that our neighbor, Mexico, who constantly complains we are racists when we do enforce immigration laws. The same government in Mexico who condemned our refusal to apply amnesty, is the same government who holds an American Marine veteran in their filthy antiquated and unhealthy prison, for accidentally being in their country with a firearm in his vehicle; and our president has done nothing to demand that he be released. Mexican criminals incarcerated in the United States are treated far better.

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