Sep 14, 2014

Hillary Clinton in Iowa: "I'm Back"

Indianola, Iowa: Annual Harkin Steak Fry, an event to honor Democrat Senator Tom Harkin, who is retiring. It will be the 37th and final steak fry event. Attending was Hillary and Bill Clinton, who told the Iowa Democrats enthusiastically, who were present, “Hello, Iowa. I'm back”. Claiming that she was there just for the steak, she also hinted she was considering the 2016 election. 

Using similar words her husband used during his campaign, she stated:
We Democrats are for raising the minimum wage, equal pay, making college affordable, growing the economy to benefit everyone.
The usual hype with no history of ever achieving what is promised on the campaign trail; but clearly making statements to rally for Democrats as they lose congressional seats in this election year.
All the while, people who are aware of reality and remember the trail of scandals in Hillary's long career where those around her and associated with her went to prison while she and her husband remained untouched. Her record as Secretary of State alone should cancel her out of the primaries in 2016, specifically the Benghazi tragedy.
Will Americans strike out for the third time?
The United States, as a republic and as we once knew it, cannot endure much longer if that is so.
The Democrats have a history of failure, with the Republican Party following in lesser degree. Reformation is more than just switching political teams, it is getting back to the basics of constitutional law and electing those who understand and abide by the articles and amendments of the US Constitution using it as the foundation of policies and legislature. Congress requires filtering legislation already passed before creating new legislation in order to get our nation back on track, so the US can once again be a great nation, one we can be proud of, one that steps back up to the plate as the role model instead of joining the crowd of socialism and self-serving leadership.
There is only one thing that Hillary has over Obama: She does not play golf.
The following video is the recent visit by Obama and his idiot Democratic Party morons, one in particular depicted here:

I do not think Democrats will be doing well in the November elections overall - and hopefully Americans are waking up to their lies and poor-taste political etiquette.

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