Sep 10, 2014

Trigger Control and Pistol Review by Fate of Destinee

Fate of Destinee has provided a YouTube instructional video that provides help in techniques in developing better marksmanship and shooting habits and skills. She is a leading firearm proficiency expert and has been beneficial in introducing new firearm owners with helpful information, especially the female gender.

Trigger control is important in producing consistent accurate shooting. Smooth and even pressure is important as well as concentration upon visual perception of sight alignment and the arc of movement.
Some shooters prefer to apply consistent trigger pressure at a rapid rate, while maintaining correct sight alignment; while others prefer a slower, more focused targeting.
As Fate of Destinee revealed in her instructional video, independent movement of the trigger finger along with consistent and controlled pressure is a combination that helps your target acquisition more successful.
The next video, Fate of Destinee provides a review of the 9mm Beretta and the M1911 .45 ACP – both of which are my personal favorites, the latter being a single only action semi-auto pistol.

The next video compares the Glock 26, Beretta Nano and the Ruger LC9 …

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