Sep 29, 2014

AR Rifle: Comparison Between Piston-Driven and Gas Impingement Systems

Comparison between the gas impingement and piston-driven AR rifles ...
  • Piston-driven firearms operate cleaner.
  • Piston-driven firearms operate cooler.
  • Piston-driven firearms are less accurate, generally, than gas impingement systems.
  • Piston-driven firearms cost more.
  • Suppressors work better with the gas impingement firearms, especially those with an adjustable gas block that allows control of the amount of gas directed back through the gas tube.
  • Both systems are reliable.
  • Parts for gas infringement system rifles are easier to find and less expensive.
Gun Digest photo

The gas piston system funnels the gas from the barrel to drive a piston that works the action.
The gas impingement system diverts the gas from the barrel through a tube and back into the upper receiver to operate the action.
If you own a gas impingement AR rifle and want to convert it to piston-driven, just purchase a piston-driven upper receiver. You can alternate between both systems by just changing with the lower receiver. 

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