May 19, 2014

Adrian von Zieglar: Epic Neoclassical Composer of the 21st Century

I enjoy Celtic music along with Scottish bagpipes immensely, as well as some of the Neoclassic Gothic style music that have been used in the film/video game genre; as well as great film soundtracks like Braveheart  [ James Horner] and Dances with the Wolves [ late John Barry ].

Now for the introduction of:

is a Swiss composer born on December 25th 1989 and who started a career in music as a drummer in a local rock band at the age of 15 and began to compose his own music. As a drummer this became impossible, so he left the band and bought his first guitar. During the years between 2007 and 2009 he recorded numerous demo songs under the artist name of “Indigo” in which the guitar would be replaced more and more by the keyboard and orchestral arrangements.
In 2008 his music got out into the world for the first time as he set up an Internet account and the total clicks on his uploaded songs never passed the 10,000 mark, so he ended that account.
In the summer of 2009, he came into contact with Magix Maker for the first time when he was asked by friends if he would compose his music for their amateur movie. That turned out to be his break in his music career as a composer thanks to his official YouTube channel he created on August 1st 2009. It was originally meant to upload music scores he wanted to share with his friends, and it was also the time to end the pseudonym “Indigo” and use his real name.
Through his work with Magix, the orchestral elements of his songs became more and more powerful and he developed his own style of Neoclassical Gothic music and also his Celtic Music renditions came to life.
In early 2010 his recognition began to soar a short time after releasing the songs “A Celtic Tale” and “Your Dying Heart” was uploaded to YouTube; and it was also the time his first album was released. Now you can purchase his music in MP3 downloads or purchase CDs at Amazon. Please purchase for your collection of music to reward such great music composition.
His debut album was entitled, “Requiem” produced in June of 2010 and it would become the beginning of a vast discography and another album being produced each a few months apart.
His albums were self made, but he was looking for a more professional work, being a composer and not an artist. As he was considering finding an artist, Carina Grimm (Aelathen) who started her style of Gothic/Celtic art under the name Vikki Goth Angel using Photoshop to express her talents in 2011; met him. She developed her artwork without attending any art school, just seeking to release her artistic expression. Like the fantastical music of Adrian and the fantasy-art of Carina – they fell in love and she does all of his artwork for his composed work and websites. Her picture is on the YouTube composed music by Adrian entitled “When You Smile”. She has also named her style of art as Deviant Art or Aelathen Art.
Adrian and Carina seem to be a perfect match, working as a team and lovers. Adrian has also worked with Fantasy Dream French composer, Peter Crowley, who is also independent. He composes dynamic styles Epic/Fantasy/Heroic Music, Power Metal, Celtic, and has composed film, soundtrack and trailer music. All three talented folks mentioned here are in their early twenties and international stars in their field.
Here is a sample of Adrian's music, artwork, of course, by Carina:

Steve Allen composed at one time 50 songs per day for one week involving a $1,000 bet. Honored in the 1985 edition of the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific composer of modern times, he wrote more than 8,500 songs in his lifetime.
Maybe Adrian will beat that record or at least match it. 
In the next video is the announcement of the engagement of Carina Grimm and Adrian von Ziegler and their holiday in the mountains accompanied of course by an arrangement composed by Adrian ...
 Adrian thanks his world-wide audience on YouTube ...

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