May 13, 2014

Bundy - Benghazi: It's Not Over Yet

The BLM, the arm of the federal government, released the cattle of Cliven Bundy and a battle was won. The battle was not the issue of non-payment of grazing fees or the protection of a desert turtle – it was that the federal government refused to recognize that the Bundy family had that ranch and grazed those lands since 1873 or 1877 (sources not sure which). In 1877, the federal government issued an act that allowed ranchers like Bundy in 1877 to establish themselves. The battle was won, but the war protecting constitutional law, rights and liberties continues.
As time went on, the federal government forgot the reasons for that Desert Land Act in 1877, and made other regulations and laws where ranches could still graze on “public” land; yet fails to realize that if it is public land, why are they charging the “public” - ranchers who use the land for grazing? Most of the land in Nevada is “owned” by the federal government and they do not consider the land to be “public” when they lease land out to mining and other industries – never the thought of a desert turtle in mind.
Which is more destructive: cattle grazing or mining?
Is the permission of the people received when the federal government allows mining?
Did the federal government listen to the 75% of Alaskan citizens who voted to allow oil drilling in a small portion of “federal” land in their state?
The following video is a native American who asks people of the tribes in the Bundy area to join in the demand to release his cattle. I realize this is after-the-fact, but I thought it worth posting it here for viewing, for what she has to say is so relevant to the problems of keeping rights and liberties ongoing today.
In the next video, Glenn Beck does not support the Bundy stance and fails to realize what Bundy achieved. The BLM should have put a lien on the Bundy property, not send armed personnel and confiscate his means of living – cattle. If you want to know why farmers are losing farms and ranchers and meat processing industry it is because of oppressive federal regulations and heavy taxation. Mr. Beck compares the Bundy situation to the Wall Street protests, which is delusional – because Bundy did not attack anyone or burn anything. You decide when you watch this Beck video, it ends up to be Beck preaching from his pulpit:
Sheriff Mack is part of an important organization of constitutional sheriffs. The American sheriff is unique among all law enforcement of the world – not because they are sworn to protect constitutional law, as all law officers are; but because they are the closest official protection of the People from unconstitutional acts. The following video is a rebuttal against Glenn Beck for not appreciating what Bundy was all about and states that it was “violent” and thus null and void.
Glenn Beck blames those supporting Bundy who “call to arms” … but then it is things happening to Bundy at his ranch that must be relevant. Bundy is not calling to arms – he was never armed during the whole time of his protest armed federal personnel and demand to get his cattle back. It was the government that initiated forceful and physical action, not Bundy.
Beck is forgetting the principles of Civil Disobedience, Resistance to Civil Government by Henry David Thoreau. He is forgetting the principles of what created our nation. Yet, he applies to Bundy that which pertains to Israel in the next video:
Clive Bundy got his cattle back, but, as Senator Harry Reid stated: “It isn't over yet”. It should not be, but for not the reasons Senator Reid has in mind. It cannot be over until constitutional law is once again enforced and protected, and the People once again keep a watchful, skeptical eye upon those who operate our government. Reformation MUST occur if our republic is to be saved from itself; as well as those who would pounce upon us once weak enough.
Does the Bundy Ranch owe grazing fees - Yes. Did the federal government need to send dozens of armed personnel (automatic assault rifles, etc.) and confiscate Bundy cattle? No. No confrontation would have occurred if a lien was put on the ranch for grazing fees owed. Those that operate our government are supposed to protect the Constitution (and enforce it) and protect the people, not use its power and automatic weapons against its own people.

Just as it is not over for the Bundy battle, thus also the Benghazi issue because it does make a difference at this point of time or any point of time since the four Americans died after fighting for seven hours with NO help from the president or the secretary of state …
See Maggie's Notebook for transcript of above and interview of Gowdy.
Mr. Beck fails to realize that the American Revolution was not spontaneous. Americans tried a peaceful solution with protests and demand for representation; for most were loyal to Great Britain. Tyranny must be quelled no matter whence it comes. I am sure that most Americans would agree that We the People must continue to fight against those who do not adhere to the limitations of government and constitutional law through protest and the vote. Ensuring that constitutionalists are elected is a real good start. No one wants a confrontation. The Democrats laugh in public eye about Americans like Tea Party who demand change; stating they are a prelude to an illusion of revolution and the government is better armed. That is true, but who among the military would use such arms against its own citizens, among them friends and family. Hopefully Americans have not been processed to the extent that they would - and since the commander-in-chief authorized a questionnaire to military personnel asking if they would take arms against citizens - this must be in the back of their tyrannical minds.
We need more like Congressman Gowdy - whatever political entity they belong to or don't belong to.
Reform government by voting responsibility in this 2014 congressional election!
Examples of voters who are not voting responsibly - great candidate the say, but cannot name one accomplishment - except one moron who lists Benghazi crisis as her great accomplishment ...
Will this generation finally wake up and get on the wagon toward true government reformation?
Watching this video makes me think not. These are college students! So much for higher education standards we have today. No wonder we fall so far behind other nations.

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