May 16, 2014

Weapons of Choice: Franklin Armory F17-L

F17-L, bipod optional
Franklin Armory has introduced the F-17-L, the first successful gas-operated semi-automatic rimfire in .17 HMR, using .17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire ammunition, it will meet the standards of every state in the Union – even those that do not recognize the Second Amendment, like California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York. The rifle was featured in the 2014 SHOT Show and many were interested. 

The .17 HMR is better than .22 Mag rounds and is great for small game, sports shooting, and possible choice of a good firearm to have in survival conditions. The .17 HMR comes with full jacket and looks like miniature .223/5.56mm ammunition. With the price of ammunition skyrocketing thanks to the Obama administration, this certainly is a good choice for range shooting for affordability.
Others have tried to produce a .17 HMR semi-auto rifle, but failed because of the gas system; but Franklin Armory has fixed that.
The F-17L has, like the Libertas SBR model, a 4140 Chrome Moly barrel that is 20” with a 11-degree target crown and recessed muzzle crown with 1/9-inch twist. The upper receiver is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum with the familiar AR15/M16 bolt carrier group and its outward features look like the “big-boy” rifles of larger calibers.
The lower receiver is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum with a flared magazine well for quick changes, an ambidextrous push button quick-detach sling mounts, cold weather trigger guard, specialized tension screw that eliminates upper/lower play, a Franklin Armory custom-tuned trigger and an ergo ambidextrous sure grip. The standard magazine is 10-round capacity and is designed to fit a standard AR15 magazine well. The stock is a Magpul MOE and sling mountable. It has a California certified cable lock and comes with a complimentary lockable carrying case.
Franklin Armory has several rifle models: F-17L, Libertas SBR, HSC-15 SBR, XOW, and XO-26-S.

Libertas SBR
Libertas SBR: The Libertas Short Barrel Rifle (SBR is chambered for 5.56mm NATO with a 11.5” barrel, threaded muzzle crown with flash hider, 1/7 twist and a full carbine length gas system. It also features an FSR 11.5” rail system to add accessories, The upper receiver is the same as the F-17L. The lower receiver is the same as F-17L, except it has a serrated memory index point for the shooting finger. It comes with a Magpul P30, 30-round magazine (except where prohibited). You can even order a custom color for the upper receiver.
HSC-15 SBR: Another short-barrel rifle, it also is chambered in 5.56 NATO. It features a carbine length gas system or pistol length gas system for a 7.5” barrel. It has a 1/7 twist for 5.56 NATO, and 1/9-inch twist for the 7.5” barrel. It features an MBUS rear sight and standard forward assist.
XOW: This is the shorty of the short-barreled firearms that Franklin Armory produces. It has a 7.5” barrel with a vertical forward grip, and Sig Sauer SB15 pistol stabilizing brace. Because it is so short, this rifle can only be shipped to Class 1 FFLs with the SOT FFL, required for automatic weapons. It comes chambered for 5.56 NATO (1/9 twist), 7.62x39 (1/10 twist), or 450 BM (1/24 twist) barrels. It features the Magpul MBUS pop-up front and rear sights, full Picatinny rail, padded receiver extension/buffer tube for recoil. Magazines are P30 for 5.56 NATO, 39-round stainless steel (Marlube) for 7.62x39, and 9-round stainless steel “Marlube” for 450 BM. It comes with a tactical soft-side case and available in four “furniture” colors.
XO-26-S: Features a 11.5” barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington), 7.62x39, 300 Blackout, or 450 Bushmaster. It is not an automatic weapon, so does not require NFA paperwork and fees. Each rifle comes with a copy of the ATF approval letter signed by the Chief of ATF. Magazine is same as the XOW model and comes with a single shot sled for restricted states. The forearm is a Specter free float with quad rail. It is a shorty, but it matches ATF standards and designated in the pistol class. The barrel is 11.5”. 

CSW V1-V4: Another model in their lineup is the CSW that has models V1 through V4 and a kit available. It is not a rifle nor is it a pistol, and as you can see it is mounted on a tripod and fires high capacity magazines. The trigger system is ambidextrous and incorporated in spade grips like the military .50 cal and M60 vehicle/aircraft mount machine guns. It comes in a kit that is designed so you can mount your own AR-15 with the A2 Receiver extension, A2 Buffer, and A2 Buffer Spring, Franklin Armory suggests you order their Picatinny Tripod Adapter and Smith-Victor Tripod to complete the CSW. The following video gives a visual in what its about:

The video shows firing fully automatic, which does require a NATF special license and fees. I just wanted to make that clear. If you have a semi-automatic CSW model it is the same procedures of purchase as a rifle, but magazine capacity depends upon your state regulations.
Franklin Armory also offers Billet Uppers, Forged Uppers, Upper Parts, Lower Parts, and Magazines.
Complete line of Franklin Armory rifles can be found HERE. Check with your local gun dealer.
MRSP for F17-L is $2000, other models depend upon choice. You may have to back order the F17-L because orders have been numerous.
The following video is from Franklin Armory about cleaning their line of AR rifles.

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