May 10, 2014

Email Circuit: Sifting Through Misinformation

Rumors in the military are frowned upon because it can have an impact upon morale. In the US Navy rumors are still referred to as “scuttlebutt”.
When people spread rumors and falsehoods via the email circuit in a form of “Chain Mail”, they are not only creating unfounded or not completely truthful information/rumor – but hurting the very cause they represent. It is called credibility. 
Politically, it occurs on both sides of the fence, just more often with the progressive socialists that is called the Democratic Party. It is part of the platform of Marxism (and Fascism) to perpetuate lies and then tell them often enough until believed. If an entity controls information, they control the people, like information from media elements. The email circuit is no exception.

I just received an email that showed the following picture of GW Bush dancing (old news) with one of the members of the Wounded Warriors that former President Bush still keeps tradition of inviting them to his Texas ranch where they go on a bike ride, enjoy a BBQ and entertainment provided by GW and wife, Laura for those wounded. This tradition continues long after leaving office as commander-in-chief where he made several speeches saying that we must take care of those who sacrificed for our nation. It has been reported in major media in Texas and other cities like LA Times.
LA Times photo - Wounded Warriors on Bike Run, Bush Ranch
The picture of GW dancing with 1st Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell who was injured when a roadside bomb destroyed the HUMVEE she was riding in and causing her to lose her left leg above the knee. The injury occurred in 2004 and the photo was taken at the Bush Ranch in 2012 in conjunction with the George W. Bush Presidential Center.
It is deeds that speak louder than words and this is no White House PR program.

Incorrect Information: "all presidents ..."
Another email concerns Barack Obama that claims that there have been three occasions when presidents failed to attend the traditional Normandy D-Day Memorial in honor of those who fell and remain in the French WW2 cemetery, and that Obama never attended any since president.
True: Obama did not attend D-Day commemorative ceremonies that are held annually on June 6th in 2010, 2011, or 2012. It is traditional that presidents mention D-Day commemorative, but anniversaries were started by Ronald Reagan. Since then, presidents attend at least one ceremony in Normandy, every five years. GW Bush did on the 60th anniversary (2004) and Barack Obama did so in 2009 (65th anniversary).  
Snopes and Truth or Fiction agree that between the years of 1944 and 2012, four US presidents have attended D-Day ceremonies in Normandy, France – six times.
It is odd that people who complain about the expense of presidential trips around the world would complain about any president not attending D-Day ceremonies every five years on June 6th. Between that time presidents traditionally provide a public speech in honor of the memory of those who still are in Normandy, France each year on June 6th.
To counter against people who send email with any information or claims, just send it back with the question: Where are your sources? Where are your links to those sources? Imagine turning in a term paper or any paper to a university professor without sources – it certainly applies to email. Disinformation does NOT help your cause, it establishes the concept of propaganda that has no substance and no credibility. It seems whoever thought up the phrase, "All is fair in love and war" forgot to mention politics. It is bad enough that the media misinforms and spins information toward their ideology and political views, we do not need the email circuit to support the disservice towards the public. The media is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the public, not the mouthpiece for political propaganda.
JUST IN: This June 6th, 2014, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. USA Today reported about 23 hours ago that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin will be attending with remarks made by President Obama. This holds the tradition since Ronald Reagan that president attend D-Day memorial every five years in France. There will be no political meetings during the ceremonies of world national leaders attending, according to the announcement. National leaders of countries who participated in Normandy or WW2 traditionally attend to honor those who fell and buried in France. 
Obama, his administration and comrades in Congress do not need to be found guilty of unsubstantiated rumors and falsehoods - there is enough unethical and unconstitutional behavior really happening. 
WW II Poster

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