May 14, 2014

Nigerian Kidnap Tragedy - Not Our Business

To demonstrate what a moron Senator John McCain is, he pounded the table in demand for action to find Nigerian girls kidnapped – none of which were American and stated:
If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without the permission of the host country . . . I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.
Thank goodness HE didn't get elected as president. I think he has been suffering a long time from being a prisoner of war, a person who certainly should not bear responsibility of being a senator in US Congress - a life career, and a career with little or no accomplishments always siding with the side of unconstitutionalists.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has ordered US surveillance aircraft (unmanned and reportedly manned) to be utilized in efforts to find the kidnapped children. And Michelle Obama just held up a sign in front of the camera that made it appear they were her girls.
Tragedies occur daily around the world, I have seen enough for myself in places I have been and realized we would be crying every day if we got personally involved trying to help everyone.
And that pretty much sums up the foreign policy we have nurtured over the decades – fighting other nation's wars while the real enemy works its way into our infrastructure and society right here in the homeland.
I can certainly sympathize in regards to this tragedy. But we have tragedies of our own to take care of. Send the United Nations folks, what are they there for and why does US spend so much supporting the useless organization?
Veterans are getting screwed over because of legislation that Senator McCain voted for or did not vote for – and he is raising hell about Nigerian kidnapped children and wondering why we are not spending more funds from a coffer that has none for foreign people thanks to morons in Congress like him and in the executive branch.
Too bad President Obama (and his Secretary of State) were not so responsive when embassy personnel in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, asked for help as they battled for their lives for seven hours, ultimately dying because Obama gave the order to stand down and went to sleep because he had an important fund raiser in Las Vegas the next day.
The best we should be doing is saying prayers for those poor girls and discussing with Nigerian leadership as to how they can prevent such things happening again – finding the criminal factions that are doing such horrific things. Weird that the Islamic faction who did this was not put addressed as a dangerous terrorist faction by the former Secretary of State who wants to be our president.
It was also a tragedy that the FDR administration knew about the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany - but did very little, and one boatload of escaping Jews off the coast of Florida (after being refused by South American nations) were sent away, forcing the captain of the ship to return to Germany and all those aboard to concentration camps. It was also a tragedy how the FDR administration treated American citizens of Japanese descent by forcing them into internment camps with just one suitcase and leaving their homes, businesses, and personal property/wealth behind. Sound familiar? Nazi did it to Jews. The only difference is we did not create work/death camps and systematically exterminate them.
And, knowing some people, they will immediately call me racist because these are Nigerians; but that certainly is not the case. It certainly was racist when FDR signed the Executive Order that established internment camps for innocent Japanese Americans. Guilty with no trial or proof of guilt of anything except being Japanese people living in America. The same people who adore FDR are the same people who cry "racist" when anyone discusses immigration laws and the problems of illegal aliens overrunning our nation.

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