May 9, 2014

Congressional Elections 2014: Some Republicans Need To Go Along With Democrats

Edward Royce (R-CA) sponsored a bill in the House (H.R. 2548) called the "Electrify Africa Act of 2014. Keep in mind that California is an economically screwed up state, once the fifth wealthiest in the world. Now it is nothing more than a socialist welfare state, constantly on the verge of bankruptcy and still not learning from their mistakes. California, by the socialist method of gouging those that produce, chasing away corporations to other states because of high taxation, have just about turned the state over to Mexico; once a Republic in itself.
Now coming from this state in the form of a bill presented to the House, and most disconcertingly, PASSED, despite a majority in the House of Representatives of Republicans who constantly pretend they are trying to balance the budget - an act that will funnel still more taxpayer funding (and money our government doesn't have) to Africa. I guess California wants to drag the rest of America into bankruptcy as well.
Folks, it doesn't matter what political club a congressional member belongs to, it is about time We the People start putting responsible and constitutional officials in Congress and the federal government as a whole. Examine the bill and see who in your state voted for this - and let them know that if they signed this bill or any bill that sends money needed here to somewhere else, it is time to send them back to what they were doing in the private sector. This bill, this program needs to be repealed. What has Africa ever done for us; and mentioning that - a Democrat has put in a bill to use federal facilities to celebrate
Save the Republic - Vote responsibly - Vote for constitutionalists and true reformers.

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