May 23, 2014

Let's Talk About OUR Government and What It Has Become

Declaration of Independence
Government, those that operate our government, in the past five decades has progressively become an increasingly unlimited government; and voters are going along with their agenda of progressive socialism; and while one particular political party is clearly guilty, the blame falls on both traditional two parties who hinder any third party to form to provide true reformation back to the constitutional republic that was created by the wise founders of the United States.

Government, those who operate it through election, fail consistently with their grandiose schemes because they think they have a better system that which was put together by the founders.
Conservation of our water, land, and air is a good thing; but organized progressives have taken that over as well and as organizations grow, so does the corruption along with the original purpose of that entity.
The People were told that there must be an alternative to fossil fuel as the main source of energy; the biggest mistake is allowing the government to make mandates and regulations in order to make it so. First, scientific discovery and analysis has determined that crude oil is not “fossil fuel” - but an element created like other things within the Earth by heat and pressure. It never made sense that dying bodies could produce vast pools of oil and tar made of carbon, which is also an element in the natural process of making coal and diamonds.
The People were told that a new innovative “natural” fuel will be better than “fossil” fuel, made of corn that historically the United States has had a surplus of – called ethanol. Since it can be used as a fuel, it can also be used to make plastic, which also was traditionally a byproduct of crude oil.
The promise of lower fuel costs at the pump and better fuel mileage went on the list of just another lie; and it was not the oil companies, but the politicians who sided with radical-political environmentalists to blame. Oil companies tried to produce fuel domestically so as not to be obligated to foreign powers; but that was shot down along with the need for decades of another refinery proven to be environmentally safe.
The private sector comes up with ideas, inventions and workable products and systems that actually work; while almost everything that government (those that operate it) endeavors to push upon its populace, We the People, has been a failure. Of course, politicians quickly point fingers elsewhere.
Those that operate our government refuse to be innovative as does the private sector, sticking to systems and policies that consistently fail, the two-party system blaming it on each other; yet both fight hard against any third political entity stepping in to make serious changes.
Ethanol: A useless component and a political lie.
Ethanol has not made fuel pump prices drop; but instead we have seen it increase despite the government mandating that 10% ethanol be used in our gasoline. Ethanol has done nothing but deteriorate engines and cause the price of corn as a food to sky-rocket. This is a product of an intrusive unlimited government - those operating it.
Despite the fact that it is cheaper to produce diesel, it has risen past the price of high-octane gasoline. Diesel and kerosene are the first processes of distillation at refineries; like propane is a byproduct from the smoke stakes of what is left after the refinery process, also once cheap. It is manipulation. The United States, rather those that operate our government and other organizations, did not want people to turn to diesel-run engines; despite the breakthrough in prevention of pollutants from that fuel source. Traditionally, fuel costs have been on a supply-and-demand basis, where diesel rose in cost in the winter because of the need to heat homes. But diesel used as heating fuel for homes has steadily declined, opting for cheaper alternatives like natural gas and propane. However, those costs have risen sharply as well. 
Cleaner air has been accomplished with innovative engines, which also includes better engines combined with lead being removed from gasoline, sulfur from diesel,  and improved additives - but not Ethanol.
All these woes have been caused by a centralized government, the federal government – those that have been operating it.
Our national security is at stake and crime caused by drug cartel imported from south of the border is on the rise – all because the federal government, those that operate it, have refused to enforce our immigration laws. Too many will not admit that the enemy of freedom everywhere has penetrated our nation and is working on the United States like it has in Europe. Islamists (Islamist Jihadists) insist upon tolerance, while giving none - its doctrine of hate and violence towards all who are not part of their Sharia Law; a medieval and tyrannical theocracy.
Their excuse or “reasoning” is that it is not humane to not allow people to cross our border to make a better life; totally throwing the logic behind the immigration laws that were made for a true and logical purpose. It controls who comes in by checking to see if they are criminals, spies, or have a disease that could cause an epidemic, or worse, a pandemic. It also ensures that only a certain amount are allowed yearly and according to the unemployment rate; which also ensures that immigrants will not end up on the welfare line – which also raises the cost of government.
The federal government, those that operate it, and have been steadily making itself a centralized government with fewer and fewer limitations prescribed by constitutional law, and pick and choose what part of the articles and amendments of that constitution will be adhered to or ignored. People cannot afford many things they enjoyed in previous generations because of government – those operating it.
Our family structure has deteriorated, the concept of marriage desecrated, our society becoming dependent upon government instead of themselves for solutions. Our government, those that operate it, are only as moral or ethical as its society allows it.
George Washington, Valley Forge
Immediately the opposition would label this essay as “anti-government”, like they do against the Tea Party movement; but it is clearly not so. Governments do not operate on their own, it takes people; and those we have chosen through voting (and paying attention to media instead of facts) are those people, chosen from amongst us.
One can readily see that the executive branch and Congress, those that operate our federal government, readily send US armed forces to foreign conflicts and wars; but when it comes to repaying their loyalty and suffering of veterans suddenly they are forgotten. Ron Paul says that we should have the attitude of the founders and not interfere unless action must be taken in real interests of the United States, like the Barbary Coast situation when Thomas Jefferson was president.
If violence is taken or threatening a US embassy, we need to close it down, sanction that country, and refuse any diplomacy until they can control the situation. There is no excuse for any US embassy to have to fight for its existence and then receive no aid in prevention of the embassy to be destroyed and/or US diplomatic personnel safety and lives being forsaken. Once upon a time in the international world of affairs, attacking an embassy meant severing ties with that nation and/or declaring war. 
Not since World War II
If our US Armed Forces are fighting for the protection of freedom of its people, like so often we have heard, then fighting other nation's wars is not doing the job. While we fight terrorists, Islamic Jihadists, abroad; they are infiltrating and invading our homeland. Their goal is world domination by a theocratic rule they call Sharia Law.
Americans used to know how to be united, a collective, and still maintain individual rights and liberties. They did not turn to government, but provided a hand to each other to help them help themselves. Government, those that operate it, have only produced, generation after generation, people that now think it is their option and right to live off other people's money provided by the redistributing government (those that operate it) without bothering to seek work, which the rest of the nation must do to be successful. Yet those that live like that still whine. It is because people do not become successful from handouts – they become successful through hard work, ethics, and insistence upon individuality, not the collective where a utopian equal society is dreamed of but never will exist.
So what is the answer to this dilemma?
The gist of this problem is the People – because they allowed a minority rule over them and operate our government; which will steadily gain so much power as rights and liberties disappear that there will be no turning back, certainly no reform. They believed that government control was the answer, when the answer was in the private sector all the while and elitists who gained that control did so when Americans were/are under economic distress. They then tend to believe in false hopes and charades provided, like the Germans believed the Nazi party would and the Russians believed that Lenin/Stalin would, to make those changes with the stipulation that it would require "sacrifice" of certain rights and liberties. Political fingers are pointed in every direction except where it should be directed - towards those operating our government.
The change, the real “Change” comes not from false promises of progressive socialists or pretenders to the republic; but from the People demanding that government be limited in accordance to the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, the law of the land and enforced by every state that belongs to the union that is called the United States of America. State governments may add to the US Constitution; but it may not detract or alter it without a two-thirds majority and ratification of the state majority. Those operating our US Supreme Court (and state supreme courts) have lost that knowledge and what the Constitution is all about.
The federal government, those that run it, should be focused upon foreign matters that is in the best interest of the United States, build, repair and maintain highways and bridges, secure our borders, and enforce federal laws that are constitutional. Congress is in charge of government funding and must budget as doggedly as they would their private budget. Congressional members should not became members for life; nor should they seek or accept any retirement funding because they are elected officials, not employees. A limited government is not only constitutional, but it is more manageable – and the framers of the Constitution knew this.

Democracy is not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence nor the US Constitution and its amendments (Bill of Rights); but is mentioned in the Federalist Papers in a derogatory manner. It is not because the gist of democracy is bad, it is just that it is based upon rule of the mob; and thus kills itself. The Founders were educated in classical education and knew its history. The Republic, as formed by the Roman Empire, failed because it had no solid foundation to keep it. Thus, the framers of the Constitution formed a constitutional republic that is based upon the rule of law.
Rule of law does not mean any law that Congress may pass – no, it refers to the articles and amendments of the US Constitution. Politicians have learned and the People have allowed laws to be passed in a hurry, without oversight, logical consideration of the short- or long-term impact. They pass it in a hurry so that its content and impact cannot be discovered before it is passed. Their main excuse is some national urgency. Politicians are not operating our government or being elected because they want to protect that rule of law; but instead to further their personal interests or the interests of those that will improve their statism.
The gist of any true reformation, if people truly want a limited government mandated by the rule of law, is within the People themselves. And as John Adams (and other founders) stated, a government can only have the character of the people – those that operate it and those that vote for them to operate government.
We are supposed to be a nation of individualists who are also to be united; and that main unification must always be the US Constitution. It was not always a rule of law of true equality and justice for all, but fortunately that changed – unfortunately it took a civil war to change it. And even then, there was not true equality, for the former slaves traded their physical chains for chains provided by government subsidiary. Gradually, this cancerous dependency spread across the spectrum of racial factors to the point where are now. The middle class was formed, not by government (those that operate it) and their redistribution of income and wealth; but by hard work and viable economy to help make it so. Look at world history. Any nation that has no or few middle class are poverty stricken and most often run by a tyrannical government.
We have moved from the role model nation to a nation whose people have been made to believe that there are better systems of government than that carefully crafted by the founders of the United States. Since the 1920s, we have looked upon our nation as a democracy, instead of a constitutional republic. They are just descriptive words, but their true meaning is important – and the political manipulators know this.

If you want a better America, vote for constitutionalists – forget any loyalty of political entities.
If we return to being a constitutional republic, then we can see how strong we can be; not beholding or in debt to any foreign entity – standing strong as individuals united, but not collective. Those that promote class jealousy are only pitting one part of society against another. The majority of those who are wealthy have become so because they earned it by being innovative and knowledgeable – and hard work. The percentage of wealthy who obtained it through inheritance is so small of a percentage as not even to be considered. The wealthy provide employment for the rest of us, and for some opportunities – those who are qualified and diligent.
This year is an important congressional election. We the People, from every state of the Union, have the opportunity to clean out the political prostitutes of both political entities and replace them with men and women of character and determination to reestablish the constitutional republic – the rule of law; where no one is above the law.
You cannot find these candidates by paying attention to the bias mainstream media.
You cannot find these candidates by listening or watching commercials that attacks the character of the opposition; and does not illustrate what they would do if elected.
You can find the constitutional candidate among We the People, whose actions match their words.
We the People can no longer rely upon those that operate our government to provide oversight and adherence to the rule of law – the US Constitution and its amendments.
And mentioning amendments, the 16th Amendment requires repealing. It should have never passed nor been ratified after the US Supreme Court ruling that denounced it as unconstitutional. Government taxation is required for any government to operate it; but as we can see in history, those that operate government tend to abuse it. No government has the right to tax directly from income of an individual (or business entity). The framers of the Constitution and the founders of our nation set up a taxation based upon consumption – what people spend their earned money on. Progressive taxation is not “fair” as the progressives want you to believe. In a flat percentage tax, those that spend more are those who can afford to spend more; and thus by natural selection, pay more taxes. The People have more control over the money they earn; and it provides a better incentive for Congress to actually budget our national treasury. This is an important reformation; along with limiting government and downsizing or getting rid of agencies that cost a lot but do not produce the desired results.

It the People that must DEMAND such a reformation – for that is the only means to make it a reality. Government corruption is reflective of its society, as John Adams and other Founders pointed out.
Vote logically. Vote responsibly

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