May 24, 2014

Crooks and Liars Blog Lives Up To Its Name

Crooks and Liars is one website that practices what its name implies. When confronted with truth about their bias and racial comments about Allen West (after using profanity against me) they have blocked me out of commentary. They deem West as racist because he is against Obama policy; and especially that he is a member of the Tea Party movement; which defies both Democrat and Republican doctrine and promotion of acts against Constitution. 
Here is my final comment they would not post …
You and this blog are sadly delusional. No one Democrat is a "crook and liar" according to you ... Nixon is depicted as an avatar/icon, who was guilty of covering up Watergate (he was not aware when it happened, just lied when he found out); while Bill Clinton lied to the American people on TV to millions over the work site sexual affair with young intern. Not only was he not impeached (guilty of perjury twice); but he did not resign when impeachment hearings were held as Nixon did. Nixon may have been a liar, but at least he was man enough to leave his office.
FACT: A Democrat president allowed wealthy financiers to establish the Federal Reserve - and at the same time instituted the intrusive, unfair, and socialist method of taxation in the history of the world.
FACT: A Republican president freed the slaves; while Democrats initiated a civil war in order to keep slavery. After the war, they used freed slaves and still treated them as animals. Civil Rights was pushed by a Republican Congress.
FACT: Obama stated in 2008 that Bush increased the national debt to an alarming rate (he did) - yet, within the first term, Obama at least doubled the amount Bush increased.
FACT: Promises made of how Obamacare was so great was made 35 times on national television; and after it was passed, most of those who did not read the bill before passing it found out what the real cost and consequences would be.
FACT: Obama chastised Bush in 2008 for the War in Afghanistan and Iraq; yet Americans are still dying, but the casualty rate is not reported consistently as during the Bush administration by the media.
FACT: Tea Party is on the hit list of every progressive politician, especially in the Obama administration; and they are protesting about unfair taxation and the federal government not enforcing constitutional law - like limitations of government, not budgeting federal spending, and picking/choosing what laws to enforce. (as too many presidents/Congress have done over the decades).
FACT: President Obama has written executive orders that countered congressional voting; for example, continuing the DREAM ACT by executive order without congressional approval. Illegal aliens are now getting pushed ahead of the line for college/university admission while legal Americans are not able.
FACT: This blog only addresses what they perceive or what is actually wrong with certain members of the GOP. Indeed, there is - the GOP elite establishment who have joined the progressives in putting down the Tea Party movement that promotes constitutionalism. If you think they are radicals, then you are a "useful idiot" for tyrants and despots.
And, finally, if you like to put everyone in the same pot, labeling anyone who defies the lies and corruption in the federal government (and you as an example of how decadent American society has become) - then the present government is not the only problem - people like you are. To say Christians and JIhadists are the same is insanity - and profane. If you are an atheist, that is your constitutional right - but it does not afford you to say that all Christians are radicals; just as I am most positive there are Muslims that are not followers of Jihad (in Qur'an). You and all of those who believe the tripe in this blog need to wake up and start doing real research and see what individual or organization is the most corrupt.
You despise the wealthy, just because they have more than others (true Marxism) - and place them all in a basket marked "Crooks"; yet, I am sure YOU work for some corporation or company. Are you aware of George Soros, one of the wealthiest men in the world - or how about Michael Bloomberg? They are the money behind the people/organization you protect. What was that again about wealth? You mentioned racist organizations - guess who backed the KKK? Th political entity whose history of racism is well documented should not be throwing stones falsely at someone else.
Is the FBI controlled by Obama? Guess what? The FBI has a watch list upon those people you say are imaginary infiltrated jihadists.
So, how is Allen West a racist bigoted liar?
Opinions are not always fact; unfortunately you are playing the rule book of a dangerous element that is/has slowly disintegrated the very Constitution that you pick-and-choose to recognize.
Shame on you and all like you.
The blog owner blocked me out but continued with his derogatory comments and untruthful comments, which points to how low this individual is and how weak his ideology is. He does not mind making vicious and untruthful comments against another, but refuses to read a rebuttal. You see, if you do not believe the claptrap that this blog presents, then you are: "radical", "racist", "stupid", et cetera. Even when your present the truth, especially when truth is presented. 
Progressives do not like it when they are presented with facts; and in order to reinforce their lies and innuendos – they resort to name-calling and unfounded character assassination. We can see this in the political campaign scenery – perpetuated by the media and reinforced by using the tried-and-true methods of reinforcement found in the pages of the Communist Manifesto. They say they are for freedom of speech, but that is only if you agree with them and their puppet masters.
Ultimately, to say the least, progressive socialists like the person who writes its postings, believing they are so clever, and that the root of all America's problems is Christians, Republicans and basically anyone who does not go along with their mantra/rhetoric.
They need to sit down and contemplate what they are doing. They are parroting those whose intentions is not for what is good for all Americans and what is good for the United States – but what can further their power to become the sole political force within government of the United States. Indeed, there are serious problems with both traditional political entities – the GOP being run by elitists who do not want to rock the Babylonian boat they have going in Washington DC; and/or that they have to compromise in order to survive – even if they have to compromise the Constitution that made this nation great in the first place. It was not democracy, socialist, or communism – it was the constitutional republic.
Crooks and Liars website is certainly living up to its name.
The whole article/argument was over this video of Allen West. What he said about Islamic Jihadists is true, backed by fact. It is already taking place in Europe.
Mr. West's comments are not just an opinion. Leading think tanks have also investigated and show that there is a real subversive threat in the United States while we fight wars for other nation's freedom, ours is threatened at the homeland. ...

Update: If you disagree with Crooks and Liars, you will be permanently banned from comments anywhere on their site - yet they provide vicious lies against people like Allen West, and spread their message how they hate Republicans - putting everyone in a collective basket, because that is what they believe in - collectivism, not individual liberty - totally against the US Constitution that they profess to understand and comply with. Nothing is ever mentioned about the Crooks and Liars in the Democrat Party (there are, and have been "crooks and liars" in the GOP, of course). If you want to see one-sided arguments (not really an argument because they refuse to pay attention to anyone that is not falling into their goose-stepping ideology) - just take a glimpse of the Crooks and Liars blog site  other than that it is a pure waste of time for little truth is ever published there.
And Islamic Jihad? To them it is all made up. Amusingly, they state that Republicans are attacking American Muslims, yet the president they love so much order the death an "American Muslim" with a drone. Americans like these who take sides with anti-American subversive global domination want-to-bees are part of this disturbing issue and problem.

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