May 15, 2014

Passing Thoughts ...

Did you ever notice when people are interviewed as to why they have chosen a candidate for public office or are interviewed with questions about why they think an elected person is so great by just what they say?
They rarely look at the hard facts or voting record to see if their actions meet their rhetoric or what that person represents – except that they are (a) good looking or dresses nicely, (b) is “cool”, (c) they are or will be the first elected: “black”, female, or first of something and/or (d) the candidate or person elected likes to take money from some citizens to provide for others. Too often they go with what the mainstream political media pushes or who they deem to be the best candidate. Worse, the political crowd that thinks like this listens to political individuals and organizations that use the word "racist" (race card) when found out what they are really all about. Oddly those who use this tool the most are ones who are affiliated or belong to an historical racial political faction.

This is not responsible voting, and is why the federal government has steered away from constitutional limitations and ushered in the most corrupt government in US history. When  true leadership appears, like constitutionalist Ron Paul, he is booed off stage, ignored or ridiculed by media; showing, apparently, that people do not want change because they refuse to change to the actions that will get positive results.
  • Do not let the media persuade you to what their agenda is.
  • Do not vote for someone (or not vote for someone) just for their race, gender, or whatever – character is the first principle to examine.
  • If the candidate has had experience in public office before, state legislation, US Congress or other government position – what did they accomplish and what did they vote for and against.
  • Does the candidate have a mysterious paste that he/she has tried or is trying to hide?
  • Does the past actions match the candidate's campaign promises?
  • Did campaign promises made by the elected official become effective? At least most of them?
  • Does the elected official or candidate know constitutional law, ensures it is enforced and protect the amendments in the Bill of Rights for ALL citizens?
  • Does the candidate think that enforcing immigration laws and ensuring that uninvited people do not cross our borders is racist or “not fair”?
  • Does the candidate spend more time addressing the other candidate's shortcomings than explaining to the People how he can make things better?
  • Does the candidate hold political party loyalty over constitutional law and the welfare of the United States and its people?
  • Does the person elected and seeking re-election have a record of scandals (within their scope of responsibility) that was not properly addressed, such as finding the truth no matter what political individual or entity was involved?
  • Does the candidate have a record of insisting upon keeping a budget in government, like People do in real life?
  • And, most importantly, is the candidate or person seeking re-election a true constitutionalist?
This is a congressional year of election and if voters want change, it is time to change their way of thinking – for as Albert Einstein stated in so many words: it is insane to think the results will be different by doing the same actions. This aptly applies to those who operate our government. Democrats and “moderate” Republicans think that the way to solve national debt is to raise taxes; instead of less spending. Both political entities refuse to repeal the 16th Amendment that should never have passed (and not legally ratified) and replace it with the type of taxation that the Founders found to be best: consumption tax. And most importantly, at a fixed rate that can only be changed by a two-thirds vote in Congress – like when changing, repealing or adding an amendment to the Constitution. The same time that the income tax was established as the 16th Amendment, the Federal Reserve was created – a brain child of the big financiers of the time who met secretly without public knowledge to create it. Both actions were detrimental for the economic well being of the United States and its People.
There is much to reform, but those two items aforementioned will help greatly in the push for true reformation and the return of the constitutional republic that the Founders created and worked so hard to achieve.
We the People should have insisted upon this true reformation yesterday. The Tea Party is not radical and while there are radicals within the reformation movement; the gist of it not only shows what is wrong, but also presents what will make it right. Like I have briefly in my bullet-paragraph above.

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