May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014: Featuring Attraction Shadow-Dancing Troupe

Today is when we celebrate motherhood, an important role in all aspects of life and, as with fatherhood, elemental in the survival of humanity; we honor the person who nurtured us from the womb throughout their lives.
Children are the treasure of a nation and parenting ensures that that treasure that is the future of any nation makes it great, thus their guidance, nurturing and encouragement of parents is equally important; but the mother's bond is beyond description and special.
The following video is from a British television show and features a shadow-dancing troupe [Attraction] that made a performance in honor of motherhood in the semi-finalist appearance in 2013. If this does not touch your heart, nothing will. There was not a dry eye on the judging panel. Of course, they won the finals. In 2012, Attraction performed a shadow dance in honor of Passover. The troupe also performed shadow-dancing in honor of the nation that adopted the Bulgarian troupe as their own.
A Special thanks to Joan B. in Illinois for sending me this video to share with you on Mother's Day.
To mother's across the globe ... thank you.

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