May 9, 2014

US Diagnosis: A Weak Pulse

Immigration laws were passed some time ago when Ellis Island was still operational. It was meant to provide medical examination, prevent criminal elements from entering, and an annual quota was established to ensure there were jobs for immigrants coming in and do not become wards of the government. Despite restrictions, the United States has one of the most passive immigration laws in the world – and yet, the executive branch of the federal government has not fully enforced those laws for decades. This problem is not just with one particular political party. Why bother to make laws no one enforces?

For decades, since the Eisenhower administration, the problems arising from immigration developed on our southern border between the United States and Mexico, with no real cooperation from the Mexican government. In fact, the Mexican government has programs to encourage crossing US border uninvited because US dollars in the billions is sent to Mexican families from immigrants in the US, legal and illegal.
MS13, group photo, Flicker
Mexican illegal aliens are mentioned because they make up the bulk of those who defy laws and cross the border on a daily basis; and it is a big business for “coyotes” who get paid to get them across and into places in the United States where they can find jobs. Among those Mexicans who are “seeking a better life” are criminals, like the notorious Mexican drug cartel and there are people who are members of terrorist organizations, and other criminal organizations from Guatemala, Columbia, and San Salvador. There must be Chinese coming across the border because there are signs not just in Spanish, but Chinese as well. I guess the government knows more than they are telling us.
The most feared and vicious of these gangs is the MS-13, established in Los Angeles and San Francisco and reportedly is spreading their area of operation. If you live in California, you probably heard of them, but many do not speak of them because there is so much fear of this gang.
Gangs in the United States is nothing new, most sticking to a particular neighborhood and many gangsters in organized crime started in some street gang in various major cities. The film, Gangs of New York, is an excellent history lesson about the infamous Five Corners that developed vicious gangs, mostly among the poor Irish in that particular area. Organized criminals, like the Mafia, expanded beyond their cities in the 1940s-1950s, and even invested in building casinos in Las Vegas where gambling was legal as long as it was “controlled” - monitored by the government.
MS-13 spread from Los Angeles to other cities in the US as well as Canada, Mexico, and nations of Central America. It is mostly composed of Central Americans and operate not just in cities, but suburbia as well. They have become established in San Francisco, Washington DC, Fairfax County, Virginia; Montgomery County, Maryland; Prince George County, Maryland; Long Island, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston Texas. In Canada they operate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
MS members are identifiable by the tattoos that cover their body and often their face; and use their own brand of sign language. Their merciless revenge killings and cruelty knows no bounds; and have become so notorious they have been hired by the Sinaloa Cartel against Los Zetas in the drug war in Mexico.
The MS is an acronym for the Mara Salvatrucha gang that originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s by Salvadoran criminal immigrants who came here after the Central American civil wars. Originally the gang's purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from gangs already established in Los Angeles; predominately Mexicans and African Americans. Many of those original gang members were deported or arrested; or as in one case, sentenced to death for multiple murders.
The National Gang Threat Assessment organization estimated in 2009 that the gang's population was between 30,000 and 50,000 members, with associate members worldwide of which 8,000 to 10,000 resided in the United States.
According to a report by The Washington Times, MS is thought to have established a major smuggling center in Mexico. That is nothing new. The problem is that terrorist organizations, Jihadists, are part of the human smuggling system – like al Qaeda. We were told by President Obama that al Qaeda was effectively crippled – but they are still crossing our southern border to who knows where. Security of the southern border stretching 1,200 miles is a joke. All the money spent and still have a problem, we should have just built a wall like China did centuries ago to keep invaders out. The people crossing our borders, especially in the number that do, are not just illegal immigrants, they are invaders.
Maggie at Maggie's Notebook wrote an excellent article about this invasion. Our federal government, rather those operating the federal government have failed in their duty and now, the Mexican drug cartels are in 1200 cities. I like the quote from Obama presented by Sara Noble:
We are not defined by our borders, but by our bonds.
Yep, border be damned and this administration “bonds” with the wrong type of people – Jihadists (i.e., Muslim Brotherhood) and with the drug cartel (i.e., “Fast-N-'Furious); all the while focusing on disarming lawful citizens while letting criminals drop through the net, what “net” there is.
Could anyone think that such a rash of kidnapping/recruiting children (teenagers) in a slavery/prostitution program would happen in the United States? It is and at an alarming rate. Read the court documents obtained by the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.
We need people operating our government that does not look upon lawful citizens upset with their behavior and policies and organizations like the Tea Party movement as “enemies of the state”; while Jihadists are training in camps located here in our nation and criminals and more terrorists cross our southern border indiscriminately and Muslim Brotherhood and such subversive organizations continue to operate. The reason why there is such a fuss over and untruthfully calling people “racist” who want our border secured and uninvited sent back from whence they came is that (a) the illegals here are potential voters, when provided amnesty; (b) illegal immigrants are so numerous they have become emboldened and are demanding citizenship to the United States on the basis of human rights, and have actually demonstrated publicly. The same people who accuse others of racism have ignored true racist activities by La Raza and those supporting the idea that the United States "stole" land from Mexico.
I have tried to research what the Homeland Security and/or the FBI is doing about the ring of criminals providing false documents/identification for these criminals – and they are ALL criminals for crossing our border without proper immigration procedure, whatever their reason for coming here illegally - and could not find any program dealing with the false ID ring.
Without control as to who can enter or not enter, there is a chance for a serious epidemic or even pandemic; and of course, not knowing who actually is here – what they are up to just encourages criminals to get more organized.
While law enforcement officers are risking their lives trying to stop the gangs and other such criminal activity, the judiciary is too lenient and the federal government does not do their part in enforcement. In addition, they have lagged behind in the important issue of securing our border; and many Americans are now understanding why – and it has nothing to do with race.
Ron Paul had much to say about our failed foreign policy and how important it is to take care of ourselves before our nation is no good to anyone. We are sending troops to protect other nations and their people, when we have invaders and subversives right in our own backyard.
We the People have allowed those we elected to drive our economy into the ground and let people control our government whose answer to that problem is taxing the people even more; but it does not curb their spending. This administration does not want a spending ceiling – the same person who denounced the Bush administration for its overspending. In the first term of Obama, he and his cohorts ran the national debt further into debt than Bush did in two terms.
The way things are going, China is going to own most of the United States, and it is a nation that nobody needs to be indebted with.
Our leadership does not choose our “allies” wisely and we do business with those bent upon the destruction of the United States, economically or otherwise.
Our educational institutions have been nothing but a political tool for those who yearn for total control over the population. The federal government no longer recognizes, and theoretically has not for some time, the sovereign state governments – all bound under one national constitution, but separate entities in order to tend to the needs of their constituents and what is particular to a given state.
One understands that child kidnapping, teenage recruitment for prostitution, and various horrific and violent crimes could happen in a “third-world” country where corruption abounds – but in the United States?
This is a congressional election year – vote responsibility and remember what your representative and senators voted for and did not vote for. The federal government has gone well beyond its constitutional limits and the check-and-balance system is NOT working (i.e., Benghazi and IRS investigation); therefore the responsibility lies upon We the People, citizen voters (legal) who need to insist that our voting system is protected against fraud, no longer tax income, but rather consumption with a flat rate; reduce regulations so it does not cost so much to do business and then inflation will be less likely; et cetera, et cetera.
There is a lot to do and it will take some time to fix; after all it took decades to get to the level of depravity and corruption our government and society let prevail.
But it will be worth it if true reformation is at least started. Voting responsibly is the key, it is your duty as a citizen, and the media and political double-talk is not where you are going to get the truth.

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