May 6, 2014

Galati Gear Pocket Holster

Pocket pistols have been around for a long time, even before the American Revolution, here and in Europe. Progressing from flintlock to modern cartridges, the pocket pistol is a small way to carry concealed firearms. Of course, the term “pocket pistol” originated in America. Of course, do not look to see a .45-caliber chambered pistol to be a pocket pistol, although some derringers have been made in that caliber, normally they are not greater than 9mm or .38 caliber, and most often in .380 or .22 magnum.
Grip-It Galati Gear pocket holster
Galati Gear has come up with a pocket carry holster that solves the solution of actually carrying a small pistol in a pocket. For those who wear tight jeans, they will have to come up with some other conceal carry method. It is constructed of a single piece of tricot material with fabric edging and has a non-slip granular exterior. They provide for more comfortable conceal carry and also the exterior is a moisture barrier to protect your investment. It is made to fit snugly in almost any pocket. The holster is ambidextrous, fitting in either left- or right-hand pockets. The Grip-It can also be used as an inside waistband holster that does not require a belt.
Three models are available that work with ten different handguns and even compatible with laser sights, if you do not have the type that is in the gun grip. MSRP of the holster is $19.95, so it fits in with affordable conceal-carry holsters.

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