May 20, 2014

Intolerant Demands Tolerance, Those Crying for Equality Do Not Seek It

Islamists expect tolerance from others but provides none, indeed their doctrine not only forbids tolerance but encourages violence (Jihad) against "unbelievers". The only law is Sharia Law, which clearly is NOT tolerant. The progressive left continues to tolerate their demands and ignore their transgressions against Christians and Jews; but fail to realize that Sharia Law demands that homosexuals be put to death and women be covered in public. What say you Hollywood hypocrites?
The American liberal progressive socialists are no different, except they do not hide behind a religion. They demand equal rights, but their agenda is strictly domination. They demand tolerance towards homosexuals, but do not respect that Judeo-Christians deem it to be a sinful act. They demand that individuals of the same sex be allowed to be married, but do not consider that the majority of citizens agree that traditional marriage not be further desecrated by government who insists upon control of the private sector. States make marriage laws, not the federal government; therefore it is state governments who decide on such matters within their own states; and thus the will of the People residing in that state. Frankly, if they would get rid of the income tax system, homosexuals would not be so fervent about marriage. And, even states should not overseer marriage beyond the church, synagogue or mosque. Marriage has always been a sacred religious ceremony, and for those who choose not to be married in a religious establishment; there is always the Justice of Peace or the captain of a ship who is authorized to perform such ceremonies. In my opinion, the government has overstepped its bounds (like many other things) when it comes to marriage. Income tax is the main reason. Get rid of that and the government would not need to be involved except providing certificates – and even then, a certified minister can issue that.
What brought this up was the article Allen West wrote about the cancellation of a HGTV network show entitled Flip it Forward, scheduled to debut in October but has been pulled because of the progressive socialists within the Right Wing Watch has put pressure on the network.
Because the two brothers in the show believe in traditional marriage. Mr. West stated that he supports civil unions, but he believes that marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman. In other words, nothing against people choosing to be homosexual as long as they do not push their agenda on the rest of us; demanding tolerance and not providing any respect for other belief or opinion. Yet, how many shows on TV depict homosexuality - and do not get cancelled because of it? None. So, to the progressive useful idiot, it is not okay to depict anything different than what they accept or believe - the same thing they accuse others of.
Mr. West further stated:
If your “pursuit of happiness” is defined as being with someone of the same sex, fine, — but that doesn’t mean I have to change my principles, values and my “pursuit of happiness” to acquiesce to yours. This radical gay agenda is destroying lives and businesses. It is the most intolerant movement in America. Funny, it seems they do have something in common with radical Islamists after all.
Freedom is fast moving to a thing in the past. The minority movements are telling others how to think and how to act. Sadly, as the educational system has progressively brainwashed children with their state propaganda; too many are blindly following the progressive socialists.
Mr. West points out that Brenden Eich, Mozilla CEO, was fired from his own company because he supported Proposition 8 in California for traditional marriage in 2008. Mitchell, a member of the board actually posted an apology on behalf of Mozilla because one of its founders (who helped create the company that miss prissy Mitchell got a nice chair on the board) enacted his freedom to choose - to vote against same-sex marriage. Technically, he did not get fired, just forced to resign by a board vote. Imagine if you helped found an enterprising company and those that benefit it vote to have you leave it? Absurd. All for political correctness - and against Eich's 1st Amendment rights.
What business is it of a workplace that a person cannot vote in the manner of their choosing?
As far as HGTV:
The real estate show, starring twins David and Jason Benham, was promoted as “leveraging their good-natured sibling rivalry to help families find a fixer-upper and transform it into the dream home they never thought they could afford.” When HGTV became aware that the brothers are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, and have spoken out on the issues, they suddenly lost their entertainment value.
When asked of many people why they voted for Obama in 2008, too many answers were it is time to have a “black” president. So why did they not choose someone like Allen West? In 2012, despite the Benghazi scandal of September 2012, they once again voted for Obama – despite not keeping one campaign promise, except the so-called Obamacare – which is nothing to be proud of. Once again, with no facts to back up anything, they just said he is doing a good job; even when report after report shows that the national debt has tripled since he first stepped into office, our foreign affairs is a shambles, and troops are still dying in Afghanistan; ignoring also that Obama believes he has the authority to use executive orders instead of congressional approval.
If skin pigmentation was so important to those voters, why did they ignore Allen West as a candidate? Indeed, even the GOP elite establishment ignored him and chose Romney as their poster boy who failed before in campaign debates falling into the traps set by the political opposition.
Yes, it most certainly is a great thing having an African American president; but character is so much more important than skin pigmentation – race; is that not what Martin Luther King preached?
Shame on those Americans who get hoodwinked not once, but twice. Now the progressive left is pushing for the “first woman” president, Hillary Clinton. I wonder if the American voter has finally awaken. I hope so for our republics sake.
Also Read: America's Budding Tyrants, which tells of former Hippies that protested for free speech in the 1970s are now within our educational system as professors and administration - who curtail freedom of speech. Excerpt:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, one of the nation's most accomplished women, graciously withdrew as Rutgers University's commencement speaker after two months of campus protests about her role in the Iraq War. Some students and professors said, "War criminals shouldn't be honored." One wonders whether these students would similarly protest Hillary Clinton, who, as senator, voted for the invasion of Iraq.

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