May 7, 2014

Common Core: What It Really Is

Common Core State Standards is not set by the states, but by the federal government, further strengthening its agenda of centralization and in charge of something that is important to any civilized nation – education. Our government, and society, thinks that it just takes an increase in funding to solve the problems of education that has pushed us behind leadership in global educational standards. They keep changing the name of their socialist agenda – but the results is always the same: failure. It has become a method of indoctrination and distracting what schools are for – preparing them for the adult world armed with knowledge, but only that which is approved by the state. Logic has given away to emotion, which the state uses to control its populace.

States are being forced to adopt this program, to take the place of “No Child Left Behind”, which was another fiasco, costing billions of dollars with no results. The United States is far behind where it used to be in educational excellence. The output is what counts, graduates that can compete in a technological world. States are told if they want to receive federal funding for education, they have to obey what the central government dictates. Time and again it has been shown that a centralized government ends up to be a nightmare of bureaucracy and has no idea what is going on in the basic levels, which is directly in contact with parents. Lost is the standard of the parent-teacher relationship, and in steps big government that has gone far beyond constitutional limits in so many avenues. Neal McCluskey, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute explains much of what is going on. Keep in mind that this socialism was not created by the Obama administration – it has just accelerated. The Bush administration went along with the Ted Kennedy “No Child Left Behind” - thereby discounting the political platform of his party that claims to be for limited government; but proved in action it was not.
Indoctrination focuses upon instilling response to issues with emotion instead of factual logic. This is evident as the following video shows a First Grade teachers primary demonstrating just what they are pushing upon students.
Tyrants have known in history is that it is faster and more efficient to indoctrinate the children of the nation than reeducate the older generation and keep it in line with intimidation and oppression. It has been used by all the tyrants in various degrees in the 20th century: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, S. Hussein, et cetera. Unfortunately, the United States has followed the progression towards a socialist welfare state; failing in the founding principles that the United States should be a role model of freedom and individual liberty, rather than the collective bee hive that tyrants seek to create and maintain. The Founders created the best system in the world, backed by a Constitution and its Amendments guaranteeing rights and liberties – but we are turning away from it.
The following video is of a graduate who has experienced the frustration of not being allowed to think out of the box or apply oneself as an individual instead of the collective bee hive, what the state dictates:

Indoctrination is especially important in the K-12 educational levels.

A government of tyranny indoctrinates the children to believe that the state is ultimately important and must be obeyed, even beyond parental authority; indeed, fascist and communist states encouraged their indoctrinated youth to turn in their parents and relatives if they thought they were against state authority.

The following covers Common Core and why the US educational system does not need it:
Hillsdale College is an education center that teaches constitutional law and the importance of individual freedom, and here is their video about Common Core:

While Obama did not produce the mess of the educational system, he has only accelerated America towards total socialism and a people who become irreversibly wards of the state:

In all aspects of life and at all levels of society, education is important; not just for the individual but the nation. The quality of education should be an ultimate goal and any educational system that has closed-minded administrations, controlled by a central government instead of the state governments and the people cannot achieve those goals of excellence. Results is what counts and graduates today know less than those that graduated ten or twenty years ago. Students are passing poor standards in high school and are shocked when attending higher education how much they did not learn. In career selective schools like Journalism and law schools, objectivity is not taught and lawyers are taught with the principles of how to circumnavigate laws instead of upholding them. All these failures destroy society and the controlling government destroys itself eventually. Founders saw this and produced a system where states could be unified under a central government, but states were individual according to local needs as long as they followed constitutional law ratified by those unified states.
Higher education is important to fine tune and develop minds. However, if debate is not allowed and free thinking, negative results develop, like people like the great thinkers of the 20th century that made the United States so great.
Think, Ask Questions, use logic and Save the Republic

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