May 6, 2014

While Movement in US is Against Guns, Russians Are Moving to Their Own Second Amendment

Rumors are circulating that the executive branch federal financial service regulators are on a mission to harass and/or intimidate banks and financial service providers which are designated as “high risk” merchants or businesses. It is an indirect way for the executive branch, led by BH Obama to indirectly impose their doctrine and progressive agenda.

It was one of the reasons why Ron Paul in his long service in government pinpointed against the unregulated Federal Reserve, whose member(s) before a congressional oversight committee could not or would not tell Congress WHO is actually running the Federal Reserve. It is an entity that started at the same time the 16th Amendment was passed in the Wilson administration – a move that big financiers of the time orchestrated in a clandestine meeting at the infamous Jekyll Island (appropriately named) investigated by G. Edward Griffin who wrote at least two books about it.
The feds can lean on banks through regulators to do their bidding, as they have for decades. The rumor aforementioned is that the new targets of this clandestine federal operation is to include those that sell firearms and ammunition. It is an indirect way of achieving their goal of banning firearms, of which they tried to do so concerning 150 firearms under the tutelage of progressive Senator Feinstein.
The NRA reported:
We have been aware of this story for some time. NRA News, for example, originally reported on it last January. Breitbart news also noted in January that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the Economic Growth Subcommittee, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding further information on the program. In a follow up story on NRA News in April, Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty reiterated the allegations and reported that the program is expanding. The House Committee on Financial Services additionally held a hearing on April 8 entitled, "Who's in Your Wallet: Examining How Washington Red Tape Impairs Economic Freedom," at which concerns over Operation Choke Point were expressed by both sides of the aisle.
This sort of practice does not just involve financial institutions. If you intend to start a business, whether retailing firearms or a gunsmith shop – or both; you are in for a shock at how much they want for a business license, if you can find an insurance company that will cover that business. Just for a firearm business with at least $10,000 of merchandise and repair equipment, it is a whopping $400 per month. That does not include liability in most cases or the insurance of the building itself. Remember the fact is that government causes inflation where prices rise drastically compared to the income index – more than any other factor.
Thus, I have discovered that PayPal does not host anyone who lists or sells firearms or ammunition in any fashion; joining Google Shopping, eBay, and Craiglist networks. Sites like Gun Broker specialize in that category, but for how long? This is all based upon agenda and politics, not any study that shows that those business entities cause an increase in crime. It is because most crimes committed with a firearm are weapons bought on the black market – not reputable gun dealers who use the state and federal background check systems. So in effect, the background check mainly pinpoints on lawful citizens who want firearms. True, a person trying to obtain a firearm who is not authorized by law to own one is hindered from purchasing from legal gun shops and who act as mediators for people wanting to purchase firearms from online sources; however it does not address the problem of the black market business of selling weapons and ammunition.
The fiance community calls this move by the Feds: Operation Choke Point. It is insane when a government promotes an agenda against the Second Amendment, of which Senator Feinstein stated before a committee that she is thoroughly “schooled” about the Constitution; then sells or gives away hundreds of firearms to escape over the Mexican border that end up killing hundreds of Mexicans and one Border Patrol officer. The same government refuses to protect our southern border, wants to provide amnesty for over 11 million lawbreakers, who stay here because laws are not enforced, they obtain illegal identification, and progressives say it is unfair to insist upon positive identification in order for citizens to vote. All of this ties in together, folks. It is the hard drive towards tyranny and the beginning of end of the constitutional republic. Unless the People take back their government from progressive socialists and RINOs.
What the government, those progressives operating it, fail to realize that by their continuing push to counter against the Second Amendment, they are promoting more citizens to own firearms – obvious with the increase of sales booming when they try to push legislation and regulations according to their agenda.
This president stated in 2008 that the Bush administration was not “transparent” - but he has created an atmosphere of no transparency (a great help by mainstream political media), worse than previous administrations on both sides of the political aisle. Now, as others have tried or done, the backdoor method is being used – you know, like the one Hillary Clinton tried to use when promoting her socialist healthcare program that the Obama Nation has allowed to happen with disastrous results that is only in its infancy as to how much suffering it will cause.
Katie Pavlich wrote a great article about a right to bear arms Russian activist Maria Butina, who came to attend the NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis. She calls her program in Russia, along with other members: The Right to Bear Arms – simple and to the point. She stated in the interview:
We are friends with many, many organizations all over the world. We protect gun rights in Russia, and people who are gun owners and in a situation of self-defense. And we would like to know world experience, and it means that NRA, one of the most world famous and most important organizations and it means that we would like to be friends with NRA.
NRA is not just for the United States, for as Pavlich noted, a life member of The Right to Bear Arms is Senator Alexander Torshin, also a life member of the NRA. People in Russia know more than anyone else that when the only people having firearms is the government and criminals, there is tyranny.
Ms. Butina attended the annual NRA Women's Leadership Luncheon as a guest of former NRA president, Sandy Froman, and participated as a guest over the weekend of former NRA president, David Keene. Butina stated that there are gun rights in Russia, but mostly for hunting purposes. You can purchase shotguns in Russia and can purchase up to five units of air rifles. A Russian can carry, by permit, a pistol that fires rubber bullets and only two firearms are issued for each license. A Russian needs a medical certificate to get a special gun license and prove gun safety training. Then they have to get permission from local police, who check to see if the person has a metal box for keeping the firearm and then there is the fee and small tax, if approved. It takes at least one month to obtain such a certificate – all done before a firearm is purchased. So the process is in different steps: purchase, register with police, and proper certificates and permits. MB stated that three years ago only 13% of the Russian population were pro-gun and now it's 44. However, the problem of Russians using a firearm in self defense continues with many cases people ending up in prison for protecting themselves and/or property. This also occurs in states like Illinois. The Russian Right to Bear Arms organization helps them in proving self defense was necessary.
A new “castle doctrine” passed in Russia states that to allow citizens to protect their homes and those in it. It has not been signed by President Putin yet.
An important aspect of The Right to Bear Arms Russian organization, like the NRA, is promoting firearm safety and responsibility in ownership. They also have looked closely to the NRA Eddie Eagle Program, which teaches children not to touch guns without parental authority and oversight. The Russian communities and The Right to Bear Arms organization have promoted this sort of thing in schools to promote firearm safety and let small children know that they are dangerous if not properly handled, and as aforementioned, do not touch unless an adult gives them permission under supervision.
So, while our federal government moves in any fashion they can scheme to bury the Second Amendment, Russia is moving toward having a Second Amendment of their own with hopes to keep it.
Who would have figured that could happen?

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