May 21, 2014

I Love My Country, But ... Lest We Forget Reality

In 2008, news broke out concerning Hillary Rodham (Clinton) and her involvement on the Watergate scandal investigation, which led to the ultimate resignation of Richard M. Nixon. 

Here are the stories, the first one predicting that it was the end of Hillary's political career". 
Too many useful idiots following the Marxist woman of "It Takes A Village" ignored this and other scandals she had been involved in - to include hiding documents under subpoena that she said she could not find in a closet after she and her sociopath husband moved into the White House. 
Instead of destroying her political career on the revelations - she was appointed as Secretary of State by President Obama. Her scandalous behavior continued throughout her tenure in that position and others, which ultimately led to the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 on her watch. She resigned claiming it was because of her "health". 
Ms. Condoleeza Rice  was harassed in public by Code Pink members for being a warmonger; yet failed to say anything about Hillary Clinton voting "Yea" to the Iraq War declaration requested by GW Bush to Congress. At least he did it in a constitutional manner, unlike the present commander-in-chief. Where is Code Pink over the Benghazi attack? Later, Democrats who voted for the Iraq War to commence stated they were lied to because no "physical evidence" of WMDs were found; ignoring ground troop reports and intelligence findings that mobile chemical warfare laboratories were intact, but abandoned and that the WMDs and chemical arsenal had been trucked to Syria.
It appears Hillary is going to get away with the Benghazi scandal and has the audacity to promote herself to be the "first woman" president. 
Just as there is nothing "conservative" about some Republicans in Congress, there is absolutely nothing "liberal" about the Democrats who are pushing progressive socialism.
American voters have either selective memory or are completely programmed by media and politically-controlled educational institutions. 
And Republican elite establishment ...

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