Jul 9, 2014

1st District Door County Elections for Wisconsin State Assembly

1st Assembly Republican primary election candidates whose winner will run against Democratic candidate, Joe Majeski, formerly principal of Sevastopol School, Door County and who advocates politics and policies of BH Obama, Tammy Baldwin, and Hillary Clinton demanding more government over private enterprise, yet claims he wants decisions at local level:
Paul Feit: He is the owner of Dentistry by Design in Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay. He is an advocate of helping those that cannot afford dental care to have access to basic dental care. He highlights education, growth and prosperity. No mention of reversing state law that intervenes against individual liberties like private business owners put in place by Democrats and RINOs.

Dr. Feit is against federal government taking over state and local decisions concerning education, like the Common Core program. However, nothing was mentioned about state government mandating policies that override individual business liberties, like making it unlawful to use tobacco products in restaurants, motels, and other such establishments – overriding the right of private owners to decide. It is only an open door to more restrictive anti-constitutional policies of state government mirroring that which the federal government has already implemented.
Brian Hackbarth: Issues … (1) Focusing on local economy, (2) job creation, (3) housing needs, (4) combat excessive regulations that hinder job creation, (5) issues facing local government, (6) lower taxes, (7) issues facing local farmers, and (8) responsible state financial management.
In his interview: He seeks to reduce taxes upon small businesses. No firm position about school vouchers. Applauds Governor Walker decision to reject federal mandates over state business.
Joel Kitchens: Committed to community and its projects. The following video is an interview:
Terry McNulty: In the video interview where he is not for the Common Core program, which is another policy to promote intrusion of government upon individual liberties and freedom of choice. Despite his advocacy for Common Core, he states he is against government intrusion. Which is it, Mr. McNulty? He is against federal government mandating marriage laws to states because it is a state issue and marriage is between a man and woman. Not much information about issues at his website, which could hurt him. McNulty wants to mimic the state of New York's political policies – why? He presents himself as a RINO – republican in name only, like Garey Bies and his pathetic record in the state assembly. Bies wants to be elected as Secretary of State of Wisconsin and yet wants to eliminate that position to reduce cost of having that office.
In addition, Garey Bies from 1st District will be running for Secretary of State of Wisconsin claiming he intends to eliminate the office with the help of Wisconsin voters deciding. Video interview:

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